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City Tap House Logan Square Announces Center City SIPS Event Every Wednesday Evening This Summer

City Tap House Logan Square, a bar and restaurant located at 2 Logan Square in Philadelphia, PA, is pleased to announce their Center City SIPS event that will be held every Wednesday evening throughout the 2016 summer season. From 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the venue will offer $3 Goose Island IPA & Four Star Pils, $4 Pinot Gris & Merlot, $5 Sparking Sangria, and $5 Baba Ghanoush & BBQ Pork Sliders. Discusses the Major Health Benefits of Diving, the best diving school in Phuket, Thailand discusses the health benefits of Phuket diving. In the past few years, diving is considered as one of the most popular underwater activities in Phuket. The marine biodiversity of Phuket, Thailand is known for its amazing coral reefs and rich marine life. Thus, encourages the tourist to try out diving not just for pleasure purposes but also because of its health benefits.

See Dubai on a Bus Ride or a Helicopter Tour with Enchanting Dubai Tourism Packages from Best Value Tourism

Get the best view of the Dubai city, its beaches, historical monuments and world famous architectures the way one likes to whether on a double decker, open roof Big bus or on a helicopter tour in Dubai, from the sky. Best Value Tourism offers exciting view of the Dubai city with more exciting ways, on a Big bus tour in Dubai for a close viewing experience and on a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view of the complete city.

NYC Wine & Oyster Den Virgola Introduces an Inventive Cocktail List

Virgola, the unique oyster & Italian wine bar located inside a restored 1800's alley in the heart of Greenwich Village is now serving cocktails.

Plaza Beach Resorts Host Monthly Beach Cleanups

LogoMany people do not put any thought into how the beach at St. Pete’s maintains its pristine condition given all of the visitors it sees every day. If left unattended, the beaches would become hazardous to beachgoers and the diverse marine life that inhabits the nearby waters. In an effort to maintain the beaches, Plaza Beach Resort s is proud to announce they host monthly beach cleanups. It is through efforts like this that make St. Pete’s the #1 beach destination in America.

New Market Report: Online Travel Sales to Country Residents in Poland

LogoDuring 2013, online sales to country residents continued to develop rapidly, increasing by 14% in current value. This strong rate of growth was one percentage point higher than the 13% current value CAGR recorded in the category over the course of the entire review period. Growth in the category is being driven mainly by the most dynamic categories such as travel accommodation online sales to country residents, which registered 14% current value growth in 2013, airlines online sales to country...

Baileys Cottage Now Offers First Class Amenities and Accommodations for Guests

Only a couple of years after Baileys Cottage was renovated, it is now open for business and offers guests the opportunity to stay and enjoy the amenities at a heritage home. With its unique architecture and location at Surfer’s Corner, it is the ideal place to go on vacation.

Compass India Holidays Offers Experiential Holidays in God's Own Country, Kerala

LogoA state enthroned with alluring beauty of backwaters, calm and composed sandy white beaches with palm trees swaying to and fro, lush greenery overgrown on the hills with mesmerizing elephant rides with a flavor of its own heritage and culture is what made Kerala to be enlisted in top ten list of Paradise found and earned it a title of God’s Own country. The state offers so much that it is one of the famous tourist destinations and is suited to all needs of tourist interest.

Desert Safari in Dubai Can Be a Keyhole Experience of Paradise

Dubai is famous for many things. It has everything from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world to the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago which is shaped like a palm tree. A unique travel experience one can have in Dubai is the desert safari in dubai. Like everything else in the city, there is much more to the safari than what meets the eye.

Orange Beach Condos- Ideal Option for Rest and Relaxations

Nothing can be more relaxing and refreshing than spending few days on gulf coast beaches with the family and friends. At Orange Beach, Alabama, one will be able to see the number of accommodation options like inns, luxurious hotels, rest houses, and condos in orange beach rentals. Staying in condos has its own benefits and this is the reason why it is the most chosen form of housings on beaches. For finding orange beach condos for sale, one have to decide where exactly they want the condo as the location is crucial. One can choose a particular spot such as in town center or on a beach. Condos which have all the facilities and attractions at approachable distance can be a perfect option. This will highly reduce transport charges and time required to visit such places. Tourists often ask their tour planners to book these condo rentals which offer excellent view or face sea to experience the real beach cities.

Orange Beach Condos Can Make One's Vacation More Worth

Orange Beach Condominiums are one of the best methods to stay while holiday. These are houses that are completely equipped and can be very huge. Some of the ones to select from having up to four rooms in them. This is a bizarre way to acquire ease and it surely exceeds remaining in a little one-bedroom hotel room. Condos in orange beach also come with a hot tub, terrace, and many other splendid luxuries to make one’s holiday unique. If one opt for a condominium, they can sometimes acquire a fenced garden and swimming pool.

Guiddoo - Personal Mobile Tour Guide for Travelers Across the World

Imagine exploring a new place or a historical monument without the help of a tour guide? There is no meaning to a tour when travelers do not know the history behind that place, monument or structure. But it is not always possible to hire a tour guide especially in those places where there are no guides or where it is difficult to get one. Guiddoo is one such personal tour guide and planner that not only acts as a tour guide but also allows travelers to make their own travel plans, visit famous architectural beauties and many more.

Health and Wellness Tourism in Indonesia - New Market Research Report

LogoMedical facilities in Indonesia have been under continuous development, with more treatments being available in-country compared to abroad. Many wealthy Indonesians have been opting for medical treatments overseas for more complicated diseases. However, Indonesian hospitals have been gaining more confidence and are constantly improving. People with lower incomes continue to seek medical facilities in-country, with more advanced medical services being concentrated in major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta and Surabaya. Medical tourism therefore contributed to total domestic tourism revenue. However, hotel/resort spas still accounted for the majority of health and wellness tourism revenue as Indonesia (Bali especially) is regarded as one of the leading international spa destinations.

Russia Tourism Report Q4 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoSignificant risks in the Russian tourism market will have a negative effect on arrivals over the forecast period. Sanctions from NATO countries as well as reputational damage caused by Russia's controversial foreign policy will have a severe impact on arrivals, particularly from NATO countries. There are positives, though, as outbound travel is likely to recover from this shock in 2014. In addition, the Russian government is prioritising investment in tourism and travel infrastructure ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Greater sustainable investment is needed, though, particularly outside of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Panama Relocation Tours Answers the Need for a Stress-Free, No-Hassle Panama Relocation

LogoPanama Relocation Tours, Inc. is pleased to announce its special all-inclusive Panama tours geared towards relocation and retirement planning. Participants of the said tour will experience a “boots on the ground” Panama experience for 6 days and 5 nights. The tour focuses in showing participants what it takes to move to Panama and what a real Panama relocation entails.

Heathrow Gatwick Private Airport Transfers from Airport Transfer Specialists, UK’s leading passenger transportation services company offers private transfers from Heathrow to Gatwick and vice versa. The rapid airport transfer services are offered to/from all London airports and UK seaports along with door to door transportation. With advanced online booking transfers, customers can book for airport transfers online with instant quotes. The rates are fixed low cost fares with no taxi meters and no hidden charges. This leading airport transfers specialist offers on time transfers, clean and well maintained vehicles with qualified chauffeurs, no waiting time charges and free flight time monitoring to help customers save time and money.

Deluxe Village Concierge Offers Several Alternatives to Hotels

Cape Town Holiday villas continue to gain popularity among guests and visitors to the country, and to cater to the increased demand, Deluxe Village Concierge now offers a vast array of services to ensure one’s stay in Cape Town is a memorable one.

Vietnam Visa Approval Gets Easiest with

LogoEager Vietnam travelers worrying about tedious Embassy queues for visa approval can be stress free from now on. has assured easiest route to achieve visa approval through its fast online Vietnam visa service.

Ways to Minimize the Travel Expenditure of Organizations

LogoToday there is an increasing demand of meeting highly-individualized corporate travel services with a touch of technology and business intelligence. The need for a business travel management firm that is committed to providing customized solutions and exceptional services is reaching a higher intensity. The main goal is to expand and provide endless potential to people and businesses who consider travel as one of the keys to meet their business appointments and close deals for that matter.

Why Does a Company Need a Corporate Travel Agency?

LogoMany corporations send their employees and salespeople on frequent business traveling trips throughout the year. Companies usually, have tie-ups with travel consultants or business travel management companies for booking their frequent corporate traveling tickets and accommodations. Travelers expect to have that information available at their fingertips throughout their business trip. Thus a lot of business travel arrangers go beyond the expectations of the customers and offer information and services that surprise and delight them. They provide an excellent travel experience and create clients who come back again and again.

Travel Retail in Venezuela - New Report Available

LogoTravel retail had an excellent year in 2013, with growth being fuelled by rising demand for air transportation, which accounted for 95% of total value sales. Flight sales recorded the fastest retail value sales growth in travel retail in 2013, with current value sales rising by a remarkable 450%.

"Tourist Attractions in Ireland" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoTotal visitor numbers grew by 2% in 2013, which was by far the strongest performance since 2007 in fact. This did not translate into especially strong calculated sales figures, however, as many tourists were enticed by discounted deals, offered on sites such as Groupon and Living Social, and there remained a number of very popular free attractions in Ireland, which performed strongly throughout the year. Nevertheless, the overall revenue from tourist attractions grew, which was also for the first time since 2007.

Caribbean Tourism Report Q4 2014 - New Report Available

LogoThe Caribbean region is returning to sustained growth, with all countries expecting tourist arrivals to increase in 2014 and 2015 . However, this is expected to remain below pre-2007 trend growth, with regional arrivals now averaging about 3.0% annual growth. Nonetheless, we expect that improving growth prospects will encourage greater investment in the region, particularly in the hotel sector.

Now Available: Tourism Flows Domestic in Taiwan

LogoWhile Taiwan?s economic performance remained lacklustre in 2013, local consumers continued to travel abroad and domestically. The tourism landscape has changed and more people are keen to travel whenever they have free time. Travel has become much more affordable and the economy is no longer a strong deterrent to taking trips. However, the economy and spending power can still affect the destination or the length of stay.

Golden Fish Travels - The Most Exciting Tour Packages in Asia

People who need help in arranging their trip to any Asian country can now go to a very reliable tourist agency. Golden Fish Travels announces the availability of their tourist services to all tourists who are planning to visit any country in Asia.

Colonia Aktiv Unveils Guided Sightseeing Bike Tours in Cologne

Colonia Aktiv has announced its guided sightseeing tours in Cologne that can be a brilliant way to soak in the amazing architecture and cool vibe of the city.

Colonia Aktiv Rents Top Quality Bikes to Travellers

Colonia Aktiv has made it possible for travellers in Cologne to rent good quality bikes to get around the city safely while saving themselves good amounts too.