Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

City Tap House in University City Announces 4th Annual Charlie Bravo Charlie Beer Dinner

City Tap House in University City, an acclaimed craft beer bar in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce their 4th annual Charlie Bravo Charlie Beer Dinner. The beer dinner will be held on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, is $100 to attend, and will be seven courses. Each course will be prepared by Chefs Rhett Vellner and Chad Vetter, and will be paired with a beer from one of the seven top class breweries in the United States.

Casa De San Pedro Anticipates Abundant Spring Migration

As we put the winter days behind us and enter into spring, Casa de San Pedro B&B is frequented by hundreds of bird species migrating over their beautiful grasslands, canyons, and along the San Pedro River wetlands. The bed and breakfast has an ideal location on the San Pedro River that provides perfect pathway for birds to follow the river's green stripe through the Sky Islands of Southeastern Arizona. Casa de San Pedro hosts weekly river walks with the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) through April and May. SABO hosts hummingbird bandings, and the Southwest Wings Birding Festival holds their Spring Fling Birding Event, and other activities are available during the local birding festival. During Spring Migration, new arrivals of bird species show up daily. Many types of Orioles, Buntings, Warblers, Kingbirds, and Hummingbirds are most likely to be seen during this time period.

The Tokyo Package Offered by IAM Group Limited Looks Incredibly Amazing

LogoWhen planning the perfect trip, people often resort to help from tours and travel packages. It is mandatory to ensure that one checks out all the point. Most of the times, when people are travelling to a place for the first time, they are not likely to be aware of the best places to stay, the finest restaurants to eta and the best sightseeing points to marvel.

The Zuri Hotel & Resort: A World Class Experience in Hospitality

Bangalore, also known as the IT hub of India is now also gaining popularity as a travel destination. Upscale hotels are now rapidly emerging with the increase of international tourists. Apart from being India’s third largest city with a cosmopolitan culture, it has many tourist attractions like the Botanical Garden, Pyramid valley, Lumbini Gardens, leisure parks, lakes and temples. It has a pleasant climate all round the year owing to its geographical location. The Zuri Whitefield Bangalore is a perfect amalgamation of comfort, style, luxury and sophistication, created to ensure quality and consistency.

Escape Into an Enchanting Retreat with the Zuri Resort Goa

Every year Goa attracts thousands of tourists owing to its popularity and a promise of never ending recreation with its water sports, jet skiing, paragliding, scuba diving and cruise parties. Time will run out but your to-do list in Goa will not come to an end. There is so much to the place that you can explore – the mystical heritage sites, the beautiful churches, and the unexploited beaches. When it comes to your stay, Goa offers a wide range to choose from – lavish villas, beach resorts, motels, luxury 5 star hotels to apartments and beach huts.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Now Offers Business and Leisure Accommodations

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels is now offering leisure as well as business accommodation in Melbourne at the most reasonable prices. With them, one will not only get attractive hotel tariffs, but also the finest hospitality, thus, making their overall experience a joyous one. Their range of hotels can be found in the major locations of the Melbourne city such as Elizabeth, Tribeca, Treasury, Gipps, Albert, and North Melbourne. They have one studio, bedroom and two bedrooms to offer their customers in all their hotels. In order to further delight the customers, City Edge Apartment Hotels also offers discounts on their rates throughout the year and for this, customers have to check their website on a regular basis. Apart from this, they have also precisely put details of their hotel rates and their availability on specific dates.

Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts Announces Discounted Prices Until Thanksgiving

LogoOn the beautiful gulf coast of Florida, those families or groups of friends looking for a getaway as the summer ends and autumn begins can take advantage of discounted pricing models with Anna Maria Luxury Beachfronts. From now until the week before Thanksgiving, the luxurious properties on Anna Maria Island can be rented for 10 percent off the original price. There are five properties for groups to select their stay, each containing a distinct ambiance and style.

Field House Philly Now Offering Happy Hour Specials

LogoField House Philly is pleased to announce their happy hour specials this fall. End the long work week with a cold brew. It’s time to eat some good food, relax and drink some beer.

Apex Expeditions Proudly Announces Their 2015 Expedition Portfolio

Apex Expeditions proudly announces the opening of bookings for various travel experiences in 2015. Individuals searching for a new challenge find these tours to be exactly what they need as the tours take participants to fascinating places to see endangered, elusive, and hard to find species. One need look no further than Apex Expeditions ( when planning an exotic vacation.

Market Report, "Online Travel Sales to Country Residents in Colombia", Published

LogoCurrent online travel sales to country residents increased by 28% in 2013. The two largest components to the category, airlines online sales and travel accommodation, posted strong growth advancing by 23% and 42% respectively. Airlines and hotels developed transactional websites and portals like also play an important role since they have links to different portals for booking hotels and flights that allow comparison of different tariffs and different payment options.

Tourism Flows Domestic in Mexico - New Report Available

LogoDuring 2013 domestic tourism flows saw positive performance due to the confidence in the new presidential administration, but in the last trimester the newly announced fiscal and economic reforms caused people to become more cautious in spending and that led domestic tourism flows to have only moderate growth by the end of the year when estimated GDP was announced to have a weaker performance than expected with less than 2% of growth. Also in the last quarter of 2013 tropical storms affected some of the most popular domestic destinations such as Acapulco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Veracruz, Michoacan and Jalisco. Those cities struggled to be clean and safe again but thanks to government and people's support tourism was reactivated by December.

Siem Reap Tour Guides Offers Multi-Lingual Tours in Angkor Wat Cambodia

Siem Reap Tour Guides and Mr. Navy Hoeun, tour operator, are pleased to announce that they provide customized tours in the Siem Reap Angkor Wat area. The tour guides in Siem Reap organization are focused on serving visitors who need independence and privacy during their travels. The Angkor tour guides can assist in taking good pictures during the tour, as well.

Explore Best Tourist Attractions in Singapore Stylishly via Segway Tours

Exploring the beauty of the urban landscape of Singapore is among the top activities that tourists should do when visiting the country-- and touring around the famous Singaporean landmarks is now made easier, thanks to the Segway Personal Transporter by the Segway Tours Singapore.

Avoid Missing Holidays at the Last Minute with Evisa Urgently Offered at

LogoGetting a visa for Vietnam is slightly more involved than getting one for other countries in Southeast Asia. Aside from a few, lucky nationalities that are exempt, few will certainly be denied entry if they turn up without a visa. Understanding this, is offering eVisa urgently services to individuals, families and businesses in need of Vietnamese visas.

Champagne Sailing Assures Cruise of a Lifetime Across Sydney Harbor

LogoThose planning a trip across the spectacular Sydney harbor need not look further- leading Sydney cruising portal Champagne Sailing has assured the cruise of a lifetime across the most beautiful harbor of the world.

Hampton Inn & Suites at Kansas Star Casino Doubles Room Total

LogoThe Hampton Inn & Suites at the Kansas Star Casino opened 150 additional rooms on August 15. This planned expansion comes as the Kansas Star Casino nears completion of its final phase of construction that began in March 2011 and will add a convention center and equestrian center to the $330 million development.

Hampton Inn & Suites at Kansas Star Casino Doubles Room Total

LogoThe Hampton Inn & Suites at the Kansas Star Casino opened 150 additional rooms on August 15. This planned expansion comes as the Kansas Star Casino nears completion of its final phase of construction that began in March 2011 and will add a convention center and equestrian center to the $330 million development.

GEEO Announces Summer Travel to the East

Excellent teachers know that learning takes place best when students can discover the subject matter for themselves. Setting up a meaningful experience is more powerful than any lecture. However, many classroom instructors cannot afford the expense to experience other cultures for themselves and rely on scholarly journals and secondhand accounts to learn. Committed to changing this reality for teachers, Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) the company American educators trust for discounted teacher travel, as described at is delighted to announce summer trips to China.

GEEO Announces Summer Travel

The magnificence of the Great Wall of China, the mystery of the Silk Road, and the breathtaking splendor of Halong Bay—Every day, teachers across the United States share these important Asian landmarks with their students, but a precious few have actually experienced them. Traveling internationally on a teacher’s salary often makes such journeys too cost prohibitive to consider. Known as the leader in discounted teacher travel, as seen at , Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is thrilled to announce summer travel to Asia.

"Luxury Travel Goods in Taiwan" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoAccording to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau's statistics, the number of Taiwanese nationals travelling abroad grew by 7% and 8% in 2012 and 2013 respectively. These increases in outbound travel were largely due to declining travel costs and changing lifestyle values among younger consumers, who perceived travelling to be a necessity rather than a luxury. The increase in travel activity led to an overall boost of sales of luxury travel goods in 2013.

New Report Available: City Travel Briefing: Cape Town

LogoTourism in Cape Town is poised for significant growth as the city continues to be a leading African destination for leisure visitors from Europe and the US, whilst arrivals from emerging markets such as China, India and Russia are addressing the gap for long-stay business travel. Domestic and regional tourism growth is helping mitigate seasonality and new events such as the World Design Capital 2014 are giving the city the opportunity to finally be perceived as an all year round destination.

Web Travel Market Launches Their B2B Tourism Services

Web Travel Market (WTM) deals with tourism professionals, hotel sales dealers, tour operators, and travel agencies. It does not service individual consumers. They directly connect travel/tourism organisers and accommodation suppliers together to reduce costs, simplify, and negotiate group or allotment prices and conditions. It’s a quick way to find a counterpart in the industry without an intermediary, cutting out the need to wait for travel trade shows to grab the lowest wholesale prices or available capacities, and the requirements to perform endless online queries to generate relevant results.

Saddleworth Hotel Voted Most Favored Wedding Venue in Manchester

Recent reports show that people are starting to spend more on the wedding venues as compared to other expenditures of the entire wedding. According to the report, it is said that the location says a lot more about the class of the couple, and the entire setting than other aspects of the wedding. Announced Exclusive Offers for Guests

LogoStaying at one of the 23 hotels belonging to the Best Western Hotel chains has become even more affordable. The hotels have announced Rewards points to guests who book directly through them. The Rewards Points can be redeemed for FREE night stays at any Best Western hotels in the world, Best Western Travel Card and much more. Bookings can be done directly through the hotel’s website or through their toll free Central Reservation Office number see the list here or by contacting the hotel directly. A list of all Best Western hotels in Denmark is available on Guests who book through other booking channels are offered 500 bonus Rewards points for their next stay if they make their reservation through Best Western.

IAM Group LTD Japan Offers Stunning Packages for Touring Yokohama

LogoWhen opting for a travel package, one has to be mindful of a lot of details. IAM Group Ltd Japan is one of the top names that have been offering some of the finest tour packages. Those who love travelling should make it a point to explore the package details because it is one such company that has been doing its best to offer packages where people can enjoy to the fullest.

New Report Available: Online Travel Sales to Country Residents in Mexico

LogoDuring 2013 online travel sales to country residents saw a current value increase of 13%, faster than the previous year but slower than the growth rates seen earlier in the review period, as the market is growing from a larger base. Nevertheless thanks to a fast positioning and penetration of online travel agencies more Mexicans use online services to investigate, compare, plan and pay for their holidays. Is easier and faster to look for some destinations online and then compare transportation...

New Market Research Report: Travel Retail in Colombia

LogoTravel retail sales continued to benefit from the development in domestic and incoming tourism, and in 2013 posted an increase of 7% in current value. Themed tourism like bird watching, eco-tourism, adventure or diving, for example, are developing categories and although sun and sand destinations are the most preferred, travel agencies rely on their experience to offer appealing packages and plans to customers in the categories mentioned above, as most consumers need ideas when planning vacations.