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Houston Triathlon Coach to Offer a Free Injury Prevention Clinic for Triathletes

On March 22nd Houston triathlon coach Johnny Shelby is offering a free injury prevention clinic for triathletes at the Third Coast Training USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center.

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Pasadena, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- No pain no gain is often misplaced by triathletes in endurance training. It's the suffering of holding a race pace that's needs to be endured. Not muscle pain from an injury.

"To often we literally see the wheels fall of the wagon with self coached athletes. There's no one observing their technique and a poor pattern is repeated over and over. In many cases it's these poor patterns that set up discomfort and poor performance. Unfortunately unaddressed pains can be significant weaknesses that begin to dissolve any prior fitness gains. Chronic injuries begin to impact the athlete mentally as well and it's at this point when their race or season is in jeopardy. " said Houston triathlon coach Johnny Shelby.

Often triathlon coaches will identify poor patterns in technique and will work with the athlete to achieve better efficiency. If these patterns are a result of muscle weaknesses, tight muscles, poor firing patterns or posture to name a few, the athlete is often referred to a physical therapist.

"We often find athletes surprised on how fast their gains are once we get started. Whether it's neuromuscular reeducation , rehabbing a torn muscle, or settling down a irritated nerve, we see the smile on their face as they see gains with their daily efforts." Clint Foster PT, DPT, of C. Foster and Associates, the rehab team for Third Coast Training USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center located in Greater Houston, Texas.

Triathletes tend to be highly motivated athletes and they take no pleasure in pulling back on their training. If left unchecked this can lead to overuse injuries which puts in motion poor technique. The proverbial hitch in the step. This is where it would be a benefit to have a local coach observe your technique. With having a Houston triathlon coach to give you guidance and make appropriate training adjustments you can be better prepared for your suffer fest.

This clinic is recommended for those embarking on a new training regimen or those resuming their training after a break in training. This free clinic for triathletes is not to evaluate their athletic performance but to understand movement patterns that are key to normal function to avoid issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning.

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