Trippy Stick Vaporizer Blog/Store Debuts Invisible Woman Vape Pen, the lead source for trippy stick electronic vape pens, debuted a new 'invisible woman' model in today's stock.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Trippy Stick vaporizer launched a new model electronic, which has found large popularity on-line. The site was looking for something that would improve from the older, OG Premium model, without changing the internal technology. The result of that 'dream' is the new, Invisible Woman Trippy Stick.

"The invisible woman is a little heavier because of the glass atomizer, which I like first. More in your hand. Then, the invisible body lets you see what's left to vape, making life easier," says Terry Vanglore, co-founder of Trippy Stick Vaporizer.

The "Invisible Woman" trippy stick is sure to appear in other markets later in 2012. However, TSV is the first retailer of the niche model on-line today. Able to hold 1.4 grams of preferred oil, it's also the longest lasting trippy stick to date.

The suggested retail of the Invisible Woman vape pen is $134.99. However, as an introductory model and on-line sale offer, is offering the pen for only $109.99.

All trippy sticks can be charged from a USB port or standard electrical outlet. The Invisible Woman is no different, keeping the user-friendly charge options available.

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Other vape pen models in-store?

Available on TSV include the "Fire Ant" aka "Red Rebel", "OG Premium", and "Metal Matrix". A plethora of related news content is also available for reading and entertainment.

If not familiar with the slang-orginated 'trippy stick' term, get familiar. The popularity growth of these vape pens will be massive by the end of 2012 according to some market analysts. Media-captured celebrity usage has caused an explosive growth in searches for the electronic device, with more than ten thousand browsing Google per month.

News about the TrippyStickVaporizer shop has been featured on CKHiD online,, and many other popular news sources. Thousands use the trippy stick retail store's website each month.

About was founded in 2012 after a growth in demand for the 'trippy stick vape pen' online. It was co-founded by 2 friends, one specializing in urban trends, the other, online marketing and customer service. Thousands browse the online retailer each month, which has serviced clients from as far east as the Netherlands to the Western US state, California.