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TrippySticky.com, Online Trippy Stick Store, Launches With New Marijuana Vaporizers


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Medical Marijuana users are quickly catching onto the new trend of vaporizing Hash oil, over smoking joints and blunts. The new technology behind the movement, is called a Trippy Stick vaporizer, a pen that eliminates smoke, odor, and plant left-over’s. Market leading TrippySticky.com, launched its online store today including two new pens that have never been available to the public before.

"TrippySticky.com is our attempt at bringing the latest trippy stick vaporizer pens and accessories to hipsters and Hip Hop smokers in the US, all available online. We have sold hundreds of products in our traditional business but for the first time consumers can purchase our products online", stated a spokesperson.

The Trippy Stick pen was popularized around 2010, when educated smokers leapt onto a path to produce a pen for Medical marijuana smokers, comparable to eCigs. These THC users wanted something convenient and clean.

The result of those marijuana user's efforts was the 'Trippy Stick' vaporizer pen. A 'stick' that vaporizes organic Hash oil, producing a toke of THC that's more potent than a same size joint. In fact, rapper Wiz Khalifa, can be seen on YouTube using a trippy stick, and it
chokes the known joint-smoker like a first time puffer.

"Trippy Sticks are awesome for the legalized marijuana movement. It eliminates the odor of smoking, the cleanup of break-down, and makes things very private for users" stated the TrippySticky.com spokesperson.

The Trippy Stick store at TrippySticky.com also offers Hookahs, Vaporizers, novelty grinders and unique T-shirts. The site is particularly focused and affiliated with Hip Hop culture and urban trends. According to a spokesperson these movements have a direct effect on the site:

“We provide vaporizers for medical marijuana users but we also have close ties to the hip culture. Our range, branding and outlook is always effected by the latest trends from these sub cultures.”

About TrippySticky.com
Trippy Sticky is a unique, urban 'hook up' source for the latest in medical marijuana and alternative smoke accessories. The site offers the latest trippy stick technology from various brands, modern art Hookahs, novelty grinders and jars, as well as random trendy items relevant to the urban scene. For more information visit http://www.trippysticky.com/