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Jackie Landsberg of Better Tymes for Women Thanks Google's AdMob Division for Rejecting Hubby's BT4W Ad Saying, Time for All Young Self-Aware Women

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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- “Who would think our ad for TrueTyme might be interpreted as encouraging female masturbation? Not us. At least not until we Googled 'self-aware' and 'women',” Jackie Landsberg, wife, mother and grand-mother, and founder of Better Tymes For Women, said about AdMob's dis-allowance of the tiny advertisement, which Yale, her husband of forty years, recently submitted to spread the word about Note: TrueTyme is Jackie and Yale Landsberg's patented ways of displaying time as time needs to be known by what makes every woman internally tick. True, like users of vibrators, users of TrueTyme also often experience micro-bursts of happiness and longer moments of well-being. But that is where the similarities end. Although the Landsbergs may have recently added fuel to the AdMob fire by now also enabling TrueTyme users to transform Sony SmartWatches into “TTristWatches”. In any case, not only did AdMob handily save Jackie and Yale from the embarrassment of running an ad that might at times be mis-interpreted. Some member of the AdMob support team also gave them an idea for a press release that will be read by lots of self-aware young and older women, in magazines, newspapers & blogs whose editors agree it is time for more self-awareness about every woman's body clock. And those of all men.

Few women are aware that a woman's menstrual cycle affects her circadian rhythm and her circadian rhythm also affects her menstrual cycle -- two related recent discoveries Jackie Landsberg of Better Tymes For Women thinks women of all ages should be aware of. And especially young women aroundthe world who are beginning to blossom. That too little-known inter-relationship is the reason why she and her husband make their TrueTyme “all of time, all the time" displays of sun and moon time (as well as regular time) available as an Android app, widget and live wallpaper on Google Play. Combining pre-modern concepts of two kinds of natural time with advanced post-modern technologies, TrueTyme is the most luxurious and holistic way to display “the whole picture of time” to both minds and bodies. TrueTyme's displays are extremely beautiful, especially around dusk and dawn. But as TrueTyme is so unique it is patented, this combination sun and moon clock and calendar tends to be of interest mostly to discerning Fashionistas and other early adopters. That is why Jackie and her husband of forty years, Yale, are still hoping to place their Time for all self-aware young women ad on AdMob some day soon, as that slogan is so appropriate for what Better Tymes For Women is seeking to do: provide better times for self-aware women. "We women tend to get very conservative as we get older," Jackie realistically said, "That's why Better Tymes decided to first reach out to teenage girls around the world, millions of spunky young women who now that they are newly aware of themselves, if they knew that they could, would also love to better know and better understand their own individual natures.” She then added, “Google's AdMob is an ideal advertising vehicle to help us do that. Its rejection of what we believe is a great way for us to get the attention of a significant potential number of young TrueTymers is both funny, yet also heart-breaking. Then Jackie gushed, "TrueTyme not only provides gorgeous displays of sun and moon time on mobile phones and tablets, it also enables color-coded journaling, tracking and analyzing of moods by sun and moon time. There is truly nothing like it".

To encourage teens and their big sisters and moms to try it, Jackie Landsberg and her husband are currently running a TrueTyme4Pinterest contest on the web site which her Better Tymes For Women shares with his Better Tymes Project, “Where even a guy can win a TrueTyme-enabled Sony SmartWatch, “Mrs. Landsberg adds. "We are also seeking to port TrueTyme to iPhone and iPads. So we hope IOS users will donate funds on in return for potentially very large numbers of free copies of our TT4iPhone. Truly a timely bargain. And especially for young self-aware teenagers."

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