Try Electronic Pipe of Premium Electronic Cigarette Suggests suggests the smokers to try the Electronic Pipe of Premium Electronic Cigarette. The brand has introduced the e pipes along with the e cigarettes and e cigars for the customers to provide a rich and authentic smoking experience.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- informs the smokers about the Electronic Pipe that has been recently introduced by the Premium Electronic Cigarette. The brand has expanded the doors and brought in electronic pipe along with the e cigs and e cigars. Smokers who are fond of smoking a pipe can now switch over to the electronic pipe and have rich tobacco free smoke with the e pipe. Experts say that like the e cigarettes, electronic pipes are also tobacco free but provide the smoke pleasure of smoking a regular pipe without the involvement of harmful and toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

E cigarette reviews of the website explain that the brand has offered a sale on the Electronic Pipe Kit. According to the sale, people who are fond of smoking a pipe can purchase the electronic pipe at an affordable price of $129.95 which was earlier $149.95. As per the reviews, the kit includes Electric Pipe, Rechargeable Batteries, Charger Adaptor, Power Lead (U.S plug), Owner’s Manual and three tobacco flavored cartridges. Reviews explain that the electronic pipes are same in look and feel like a real pipe and provide the same smoking sensation.

According to the e cig reviews, each cartridge in the Electronic Pipe Kit offers around 500 puffs and can be smoked in tobacco flavors. Experts say that the brand also offers E Pipe Refill Cartridges at a nominal cost of $14.99 only. A person can purchase the e pipe refill cartridges in signature Premium Tobacco pipe flavor. According to the reviews, each pack of e pipe refills contains five cartridges and each cartridge provides almost five hundred puffs to a smoker.

As per the reviews, a person can purchase the E Pipe Refill Cartridges in high nicotine strength that is 16 mg nicotine level. Experts say that the electronic pipe provides the same smoking experience as with the smokeless cigarettes. That means no smoke or second hand smoke is produced. Experts say that with the e pipes of Premium Electronic Cigarette, pipe smokers can also have a tobacco less smoking experience.

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