UK Welcomes E Cigarette With Open Arms Discusses

As per, the popularity of electronic cigarette is increasing day by day in the United Kingdom. UK is not lagging behind USA in becoming a hub for e cig smokers.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- The electric cigarette industry is rising high on tides. Smokers are fast switching to electric cigarette for the merits the product holds say The e cigarette brigade is not just limited to USA, but its spreading wings to UK too. According to reports, the buzzing industry in 2011 was probably worth about £5m to £10m a year. Several e cigarettes brands have stretched their arms and have claimed huge profits as the sales of e cigarettes and related products are increasing hugely say experts.

The likeability can be measured with the benefits e cigarettes offers say sources. Advantages like exclusion of tar, tobacco and various other harmful materials. Secondly, e cigarettes help the smoker in saving huge amounts of cash that one spends on buying traditional cigarettes or other smoking products. E cigarettes can save up to $2000-2500 of a smoker if one decides to make the switch for all his life. And largely the smokeless cigarette, as the name suggest happen to be having no amount of smoke. These e cigs are smokeless because of the fact that they contain no tobacco only nicotine which only produces vapor which is least harmful to the smoker discusses

A contented smoker of smokeless cigarettes said, “E cigs have been a life changer for me. There is nothing that I want to complain about them, they are just perfect for a smoker who wants to kick the butt and adopt the better habit of smoking e cig”. The rise in the industry worth clearly shows that electronic cigarettes are here to stay and also that the popularity is getting infectious say experts. To let the smoker know about all the brands and their products, talks about various e cigarette brands and e cigarette reviews so that the smoker chooses the best e cig brand.

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