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Universal Medicine Facts Team Give Youth a Voice to Expose Cyber-Bullying


Goonellabah, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- A group of everyday people who got sick of the internet being abused by anonymous cyberbullies are speaking out after suffering a 2 year cyber-harassment and online trolling campaign.

A small group of writers, led by former legal academic Alison Greig, authored the Universal Medicine Facts site, which focuses on exposing the lies of Esther Rockett and Lance Martin . The pair, whose cloak of anonymity was forensically removed by diligent investigation, have now had their activities laid bare on the website, which in great detail catalogues their obsessive harassment of Universal Medicine – a global health and wellbeing community.

The Universal Medicine Facts site reveals how their cyber-bullying extended to the malicious online abuse of over 100 individuals across the globe, including teenagers who the gang falsely implies were sexually abused.

The site also reveals how Esther Rockett's behaviour had graduated into real life stalking: she reports watching one young woman move house and now Rockett’s recent move to Byron Bay places her close to the targets of her fabricated allegations.

The Universal Medicine Facts site illustrates the power of blogging with accountability and integrity, including that the writers do not remain anonymous while blowing the lid on the gang's activities. "Even though we knew that there would be considerable fallout and that by speaking up we would present even greater targets, it was imperative we make a stand. After all, if we don't rebut this kind of harassment, what hope is there for the next generation who are digital natives and are experiencing this kind of abuse all the time? To inspire the young people in our lives to stand up to cyberbullying, we must take a stand ourselves" said Rebecca Baldwin, a web developer for the site.

She continues, "People know this kind of behaviour is criminal but the law has been slow to catch up. More and more new media channels are being abused by public menaces such as Esther Rockett and Lance Martin. It is time that the media do a story on these two and expose the way in which they have misled government agencies in both Australia and in the UK "

The site’s latest articles catalogue how the cyber-bullies attempted to paint a picture of sexually abusive activity where none existed and contains contributions by a number of young people who had been the subjects of the false stories.

One young woman very much appreciated the opportunity to speak up: "I find it hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would believe Esther Rockett's totally false claims; in truth she comes across as a bit of a lunatic. As Alison Greig said, she has ABSOLUTELY ZERO evidence for any of her claims, and what Universal Medicine Facts is offering is everything that she is missing – REAL testimonies (not invented ones), REAL facts, REAL evidence. Thank you UM Facts." Susie, 14, UK.

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