Universities Moving Ahead with Own E Cigarette Rules Reviews

University official sets up their own law of e cigarette for their campus to follow as feds ponder and decides how to regulate electronic cigarettes.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- As the federal officials are taking time in deciding over e cigarette regulation, university officials are moving against them and building their own rules on campus. E cigarette reviews so far clearly witness that usage of electronic cigarettes is max among middle age school and college students, so several universities have updated their smoking policies to ban these battery operated devices. From reports, it has even been found that some universities have already prohibited the use of electronic cigarettes or are set to ban them in upcoming years.

Market reviews on e cigarettes and reports have revealed that Idaho State University, Missouri State University and the University of Texas at Austin have updated their policies, while the products will soon be prohibited at all campuses in the University of California system. Other campuses permit the products, though it is expected to follow the same rules enforced by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and discourage their use. Thus, use of electric cigarettes would be banned inside all WWU buildings including residence halls and within 25 feet of building entrances, exits and windows.

It is believed that regulating electronic cigarettes would make them subject to the age, marketing and packaging restrictions that apply to traditional cigarettes and this would also prohibit sales to minors, ban advertising on television etc. As per reports, the White House now reviews an e cigarette proposal from the FDA that might last 90 days or more. Meanwhile, the debate about the potential benefits and risks of e cigarette brands has escalated.

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