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UPTICK News Wire Releases Buy Rating 4.11.14

UPTICK News Wire is issuing a buy rating for the following micro-caps.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- ERBB 0.07 4.11.14
Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB) has announced the release of “American GreenZine”. “American GreenZine” will serve as a social web forum pertaining to the entire marijuana community. Additionally, ERBB will unveil its first “ZaZZZ” machine on April 12th (Saturday) in Eagle-Vail, Colorado. The machine will mark the start of a legal marijuana revolution, thus projecting Tranzbyte’s credibility as an industry pioneer. ERBB is currently trading at around 0.07, but with pending developments we are projecting Tranzbyte to reach 0.012 by the end of August, 2014.

MCIG 0.64 4.11.14
mCig, Inc.(MCIG) a popular electronic cigarette company has obtained CE Clearance for “Mcig 2.0”. The Clearance will allow Mcig to sale “mCig 2.0” throughout Europe and surrounding regions. The CE Clearance is instrumental in creating worldwide brand recognition. The company is primarily known for selling a fully functional vaporizer for under $10. MCIG has announced substantial increases in sales and overall volume. MCIG is currently trading around 0.64 but could realistically reach $1.25-1.50 as things continue developing in Europe.

LATF 0.01 4.11.14
LATF Latteno Food Corp. has announced the launch of www.RxHC.org. The site will serve as a marijuana edibles delivery platform in Colorado and California States. The online interface will feature over 35 MMJ Edibles and beverages. Latteno Food Corporation’s primary revenues are made through Mekonza Seafood Company but the firm has been slowly diversifying info marijuana edibles and various other holdings. LATF is currently trading at 0.0082 and is featured in the marijuana index. Latteno Food Corp is easily undervalued and as more product lines develop the company should be in the 0.10 by September.

REDG 0.045 4.11.14
REDG (Red Giant Entertainment, Inc.) is a Nevada based media print/ comic book developing company. The company has several diversified themes with range from anime,to action/horror. Red Giant Entertainment also features an array of films based on several themes from its comic books. Among other items Red Giant has been proactive in maximizing advertising dollars, providing 400,000 comic books for “Free Comic Book Day”. Red Giant has taken the time to develop a creative, effective, and efficient management team. The stock is currently just under half a cent. However, given the growing diverse company portfolio and increases in monthly readers Red Giant could easily reach 0.03 by September.

MSPC 0.0010 4.11.14
Metrospaces (MSPC) is an upscale real estate development company devised of several prominent properties in the United States and Europe. The Firm has financed over $350 million dollars in properties and other holding developments. MSPC announced yesterday (4.10.14) plans to move forward on a luxury resort in Venezuela. The upscale project will serve as a relaxation destination and is expected to bring in an average room rate of $280 a night. Metrospaces projects an EBITDA(Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) of $1 million dollars in the first year for the Venezuela project. Past developmental projects include resorts in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in addition to London’s most recent 5 star resort (The London Bulgari Hotel). MSPC is currently on an UPTICK however is still slated for exponential growth in the next quarter. Metrospaces is current priced around 0.0011 but could easily grow to 0.02 by the end of August, as projects start generating extended revenues.