U.S. Company Makes Poison to Kill Australian Dingoes

Poison only manufactured in the USA. There is no antidote to 44 hour death.

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- In 1955 Monsanto transferred production of Sodium Fluoracetate to Tull Chemical Co. of Oxford, Alabama. One teaspoon of the poison (known as 1080) can kill up to 100 adults. At least 16 fatalities have been reported. It is banned in every major country except Australia and New Zealand. 1080 poisoned baits kill indiscriminately..

In Australia pure dingoes are not protected. Canis Lupis Dingo are a sacred totem to the Aboriginal Peoples and Australia*&aposs* Apex Predator. Australian law requires park rangers and farmers to shoot, trap or poison wild dogs and Dingoes. These toxic carcasses are consumed by other wildlife such as eagles, cats, snakes and crocodiles, who then die.

As animals rot across the landscape, the poison leaches into the ground and water, contaminating and destroying the environment.

The Ochre Project is a movement dedicated to stopping the murder of Dingos and other helpless wildlife and the banning of the manufacture and all use of 1080. Ochre was started 6 months ago by Jennifer Britton Parkhurst who rescued an American Dingo named Fred and lives in New York City. “In researching the breed, I discovered the carnage and agony these animals go through in Australia. “If change is not immediate, this essential and beautiful species will be extinct in 20 years and the ecosystem will be permanently damaged.” she said.

“I am also shocked that 1080 is so lethal and that very little information is available on how it is made and monitored. What if it fell into terrorist hands? Even the Nazis banned its use. It is an agonizing prolonged death.” she continued. group has almost 2,000 members worldwide and is shunned by most major media in Australia. Coverage of the dingoes is also censored.

About is an International collaborative artistic effort to give voice to all Australian dingoes. People participate by submitting photos with the tag phrase 'I wear ochre because...' The dingoes are not protected and will be extinct in 20 years. They are a totem of the Aboriginals. Our aim is to preserve this magnificent species and ban the use of 1080 poison. The Ochre Project is using many platforms to reach this end. Extinction is forever.