V2 Cigs and Other Brands Fighting Against Tobacco Regulation Reviews DigitalSmoke.Org

E cigarette brands like V2 Cigs are arguing that the calls of regulating them like the tobacco industry are unnecessary

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Most people are of the mind that manufacturers like V2 Cigs should be regulated just like the tobacco industry because of the nature of their products. The basic logic being used is that most e cigarettes are meant to look like real cigarettes and that they are by and large are labeled and marketed in the same manner as the regular cigarettes. Thus many of the anti e cig protesters believe that since they contain nicotine just like the tobacco cigarettes and on that principle they should be regulated just like regular cigarettes. They also believe that the other reason to regulate the smokeless cigarettes is based on their belief that they are directly aiming their marketing to minors.

The single most important reason a regulating brands like V2 Cigs is to be able to shield children from a product that now comes in flavors such as passion fruit, bubble gum and cotton candy and that these flavors are an enticing for youth and non-smokers, thus increasing nicotine addiction. Yet the electronic cigarette brands state that the reason that they sell their e cigarette in so many flavors is to make it more appealing to smokers and that all their products are strictly for mature customers over 18.

And the reason why V2 Cigs and other brands are now resorting to use cartoons in e cigarette in an attempt to make their products more fun and be recognized as a product that is strictly for mature customers. And also according to the latest V2 Cigs review all e cigarette brands wanted to distance themselves away from the stigma that was created by the tobacco cigarettes.

Another issue is that brands like V2 Cigs are determined to limit their products only to mature smokers and this is being achieved by allowing payment through their online stores only by credit card and online banking methods. The main thing is that these banking privileges are only offered to those that are above 18 and this is why the makers of the best e cigarette.

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