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V2 Cigs Couples Starter Kit, a Must for Couples, V2CigsDeals.com Finds out Why

As starter kits make the first impression to the smokers, there have always been a lot of experiments to modify these starter kits. And V2 being the leading electronic cigarette company of world, it comes up with the most lucrative products, the latest being V2 cigs couples starter kit.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- As the name suggests, this starter kit is actually meant for couples, wanting to take the leap from carcinogenic smoke to ash less vapor. Like any other starter kit of V2, this one too comes up with the basic tools, but every piece has its counterpart. Hence, the kit comprises four batteries, 20 flavored cartridges, two smart chargers, two wall adapters and two user manuals. However, the price for all these is only £89.97.

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A spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “For many, switching to electronic cigarettes is a big leap. Taking the shift alone may not sound that encouraging to the die-hard tobacco smokers. Hence, they can buy this kit and gift it to their partners, friends and family members. Starting a new habit with another person, tracking the progress of each other will make things more interesting.”

Starter kits contain the very basics. But that does not imply that the quality is compromised. Rather, to make the first experience an unforgettable one, the starter kits always come with the best components at the cheapest price. Like, the smart chargers are better than normal chargers. It charges twice faster and protects the battery from getting over heated. Even V2 batteries too, that come free along with this kit are better than any other batteries.

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V2 is mostly preferred for its quality and variety of products. And this latest product has added a new feather to its cap. In this kit too, customers can choose their flavors~ strong tobacco flavors or light menthol, strawberry and chocolate flavors.

What makes this kit a more lucrative one is that now there is 20% off on purchase of it.

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