V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Announces 1 Day Sale with 50% off on Best E Cigarettes

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- V2 Cigs electronic cigarette Has Announced That For Only Today They Will Be Offering 50% Off All Their Starter Kits And Also 30% Off Cartridges, in an attempt to further solidify their claim that they make the best electronic cigarettes on the market. This offer is meant to invite smokers to come and check out the V2 Cigs Limited Editions online page and to take advantage of some of these popular e liquid flavors that are within this offer before stocks run out. The best electronic cigarettes’ flavors that are being offered by V2 Cigs include the Cinnamon, Grape, and Chocolate flavors and also the Zig-Zag range of flavor cartridges too. All of these are being offered at 30% off in order to make V2 Cigs best smokeless cigarette cartridges be made available at only 30% off the market price.

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In an effort to make the best e cigarette, it means that there are now more savings that are made available and that will make smoking tastier at a cheaper price. Many people are saying that this campaign bny V2 Cigs is being made as a warm up to a Super Bowl campaign. It must be noted that the 50% Off Is Applicable To All The Best E Cigarette Products that they have on the market from the V2 Beginners Kit all the way to the Ultimate Kit but this is only for today.

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There are a few conditions that are imposed on this sale offer from V2 Cigs is that it is not under conditions open to those under 18. Also it is no applicable for any items that are on sale or on any the best e cigarette e liquid products and also that it is only valid for the January 30, 2014.

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