V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Expected to Stand Strong as the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- V2 cigs Electronic Cigarette is undisputed the best electronic cigarette with the maximum number of sales online and also being one of the top three manufacturers of electric cigarette in retail.V2 cigs electronic cigarette has had the tag of being the best electronic cigarette for long and in 2014, this vapor cigarette brand is set to get a seam of new users to burst in. As per a market report of 2013, V2 cigs was doing as many as 7000 electric cigarette sales on daily basis and the number has sure increased since then. The developers of V2 cigs Jan Andries Verleur and Dan Recio had said in an interview that they intend to be the number one in retail too which is why there is an effort being made to make available V2 cigs in as many retail stores as possible.

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V2 cigs is known for its quality assurance procedures and the makers are said to keep a strict quality check on the manufacturing of its entire product line. V2 cigs electronic cigarette has over a million users who review it to be the Best E Cigarette brand. The V2 cigs brand offers quality, great price and a host of accessories, thus having all the right elements to make it the top contender for the best e cigarette 2014 spot.

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V2 cigs is help by VMR corp., in 2013, V2 cigs was expected to have sale 50% more than the previous year, and the target for this year is most likely to be greater than 50%. V2 cigs is the best selling e cigarette online; the brand owners generate 75% of the revenue from the online sales, while the rest 25% is constituted from the retail sale. V2 cigs is a trusted brand and in a time when industry is still battling a few ambiguities, such trademarks make it easier for customers to switch because of the record such top brands have had V2 cigs has created a huge market for itself with its great quality and excellent consumer service as suggested by V2 Cigs Review. In the year 2014, the brand owners are to come out with new innovative products as the demand for the best e cigarette escalates.

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