V2 Cigs Ex-Series Batteries Reviewed by reviews the V2 Cigs Ex-Series batteries of 2014 in detail.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- The V2 Cigs Ex-Series Batteries of 2014 have been developed by the popular v2 brand of vapor cigarettes, so as to ensure that smoking enthusiasts, who are seeking more refined batteries that are also technologically advanced, are able to lay their hands onto such a product easily. It has also been noticed that smoking enthusiasts in large numbers are opting for vapor cigarettes, which is why these devices are so popular in 2014. The Ex batteries of V2 Cigs are a new variety that have been launched this year.

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According to spokesperson, “The Ex-Series from V2 Cigs has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of serious smokers. These V2 Cigs Batteries are made from brushed steel and they fortified with replacement rubber tips. They also have a cartridge sleeve and these devices are equipped with a power indicator that keeps smokers in sync with the battery consumption mechanism. The length of this battery is 100mm and it is 9.5mm in diameter. They operate on 4.2 volt power supply.”

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