V2 Cigs Expands the E Cig Products in Clearance Sale Discusses

As per, V2 Cigs has put up more products under Clearance Sale for limited time. In the Clearance sale one can save up to 40 percent on various products.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- A V2 Cigs lover should act fast to take advantage of the now expanded Clearance sale by the brand says As per sources, the brand has now included other e cigarette products that a smoker could choose from. These products are available at heavy discounted rates, discount going till 40 percent say experts. V2 Cigs has been known as one of the best electronic cigarette brands amongst others in the US by various review websites.

The Clearance sale which was available only on e cigarette flavors, batteries is now being stretched to some e liquid and even carrying cases. A customer can pick V2 Metal Carrying Case In regular and XL size for as low as $16.95 and $19.95 respectively. The carrying cases make sure that a smoker is able to carry the electronic cigarettes around easily without damaging them. Another accessory up for grabs is the V2 Portable Charging XL Case that makes sure that an electronic cigarettes lover is able to charge e cigs on the go without any hurdles says Being priced at $54.95, it’s like a smoker has an electrical socket in the pocket say experts. Other charging option available is the charging kit which is priced as low as $8.95. The kit includes a wall adapter and USB charger which are perfect for charging at home or through an electronic cigarette smoker’s laptop.

The flavor lovers can enjoy a hefty bargain on two flavors of Platinum liquid. The Clearance sale includes Mint Tea and Peppermint flavor which can be purchased for $6.95 for a bottle of 10ml Platinum juice. By refilling one’s cartridge, the smoker can save a lot of money and ensure that less e-waste is dumped in the environment. A 10 ml bottle of Platinum juice makes sure that approximately 10 cartridges get filled say electronic cigarette review. These products make sure that an electronic cigarettes smoker has an outstanding experience of e smoking says A V2 Cigs representative said, “Instead of just marking down our overstocked items, we thought it would be great to include a few products that are not normally available on clearance for our loyal customers”.

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