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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- V2 cigs is on top of its game; online it is the best electronic cigarette maker and is the third largest manufacturers of electronic cigarette in retail and online, combined. V2 cigs has managed to emerge as a top rated electronic cigarette maker in less than 5 years and experts suggest that the growth curve that V2 cigs has had till now hints at the bright future that this brand has. V2 cigs is known to come out with supreme quality e cigarette products and e cigarette reviews suggest that this brand has the most number of web sales which is possibly why its presence can be seen on many e cig review sites as well.

V2 cigs for the end of year has saved its best for the last as the brand owners are offering great discounts and special holiday gifts, certificates and some new limited edition flavors which are already getting positive electronic cigarette reviews by users and experts. There is a whole list of new flavors like cinnamon, grape, zigzag, chocolate and pumpkin spice. Other then the flavor V2 cigs is offering some great starter kits, all of which have an essence of the festival season attached to them.

There are kits starting from as low as $22.28 and the highest one goes up to $94.28 which is still a good bargain considering the price quoted by few other electronic cigarette brands. Not just the starter kits, there are discounts too, festive discounts which e cigarette experts review as means to offer the most to customers at a discounted price so as to cut the best possible deal to the customers. Also another great thing in the offering is said to be the gift certificate which can be given to any electronic cigarette user as a gift which can be used to buy v2 cigs product by the recipient later. Experts at say,” In festive season every person expects some festival discounts, special offerings and rewards on every purchase and if a top brand like V2 cigs offers this, it is a very lucrative deal.”

V2 cigs has also come out with the V2 cigs EX battery which according to experts offers enhanced battery performance as the battery is said to be V2 cigs best battery till date and along with V2 cigs makers have added a dash of style to the batteries which are available in 5 classy and chic designs. The festive season is near and with the year coming to an end V2 cigs is leaving no stone unturned to keep the best electronic cigarette tag with itself for a while. Experts say that,” We are witnessing V2 cigs review even from the users which are pro the offers and more demand is coming in as customers want to make the most out of the special offers while there is still time and many are probably stocking up on the goodies as the festive offers are limited to dec 31.”

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