V2 Cigs Introduces Brand New Vantage Vapor Line of E Cigs Shares talks about V2 Cigs who has come up with Vantage Vapor. A cheaper way to smoke but with the same quality says experts.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- talks about the exquisite Vantage Vapor products, which is a retail distributor line by V2 Cigs. Vantage Vapor products have been designed on the same lines as V2 Cigs products say experts. V2 Cigs has been known to serve various electric cigarette smokers for a long time as the brand promises quality in their products and satisfaction through their customer service says electronic cigarette review.

Coming out of the shell of V2 Cigs, one can surely expect great quality of e cigarette products and outstanding services says reviews. Vantage Vapor has been launched containing an electronic cigarette starter kit, and some accessories which are included in the kit and are also available separately say The Vantage Vapor kit is priced at $49.95 which includes 2 Vantage Vapor Automatic Batteries, a pack of 5 Vantage Vapor Flavor Cartridges, Wall Adapter, USB Charger and a Vantage Vapor User Guide. The Vantage Vapor User Guide is a useful manual for those who are learning to e smoke for the very first time say experts. All the batteries of Vantage Vapor are in white color, depicting the right to freedom of smoke almost everywhere. reviews V2 Cigs amongst the ten best electronic cigarette brands available in the US and the world. The Vantage Vapor promises to be on the same lines as the parent brand. The brand offers e cig cartridges which come in only one flavor i.e. American Blend which can be perfect on chilly evening with an espresso in one hand, to balance the taste say reviews. The batteries provided by Vantage Vapor promise to give around 200 puffs from a single charge as per experts. A Vantage Vapor electronic cigarettes smoker exclaimed, “I was very interested in the new e cig craze and have been trying to quit for over 10 years. So I went ahead and got the starter kit and it’s great, I’ve started with the full strength menthol, for now and will lower it so I will be at zero in the end. Great value, for all you get at such low price”.

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