V2 Cigs Leading from the Front as the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes are being extensively used by the vaping community and it is particularly popular among its entire user base with people trying e cigarette practically every day. V2 cigs has in all probability positively exploited the market situation and is now expected to become one of the largest e cig vendors in the country in less than 5 years of their establishment.

V2 cigs site is very interactive and V2 e cigs has the maximum number of users and buyers online. V2 cigs is considered the best electronic cigarette brand and now it is expanding its horizons.

Having major number of online e cigarette sale to its credit, now V2 cigs is growing is set to make its presence felt in retail outlets. The company aspires to place its products in around 35,000 retail stores by the end of this year.

Electronic cigarette has a mass appeal as most ex smokers consider e cigs to be the best thing available to substitute tobacco cigarette. The online and retail sales of e cigs are expected to increase by 240% or more this year, suggests a report by Wells Fargo Securities report. The comprehensive cost of e cigarette is less than that of tobacco cigarettes and these smokeless cigarettes are available in a variety of design and flavors.

Recio says, “E cigs currently represents only a very small slice of the tobacco market, but their appeal is growing very rapidly. “Not just that e cigarette has become a threat to the tobacco cigarette which has been there for centuries. E cig niche is flourishing and the growth trajectory of the industry has been impressive. E cigarette brands like south beach smoke, blu cigs, and green smoke are also not far behind in the race of best electronic cigarette brands.

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