V2 Cigs on an All out Assault by Making 2014 Best E Cigarette Starter Kit

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Recently V2 Cigs One of the Leading Vaping Brands launched a completely new product line that comes with a re-designed and a better e cigarette starter kit. The V2 Cigs EX line comes with a vastly improved e liquid delivery system as well as a better packaging method that is meant to better preserve the freshness. Coupled with their innovative method that allows any customer to be able check the quality control report for any e cigarette starter kit, it has designed one of the best kits on the market. With a revamped and completely new design for its cartridges, the new V2 Cigs EX line has been said to deliver more vapor per cartridge and more puffs per battery charge than before.

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This latest design has abandoned the poly fill system that has been almost industry standard and replaced it with a hollow chamber that is designed to make new V2 Cigs EX line to be an improvement. It also comes with a new battery that measures 100 mm in length and it is and is aimed to give up to 250 puffs per charge cycle and the vaper will know how long before the next recharge, thanks to an indicator on the side. This Latest E Cigarette Starter Kit has also delivered on its promise to give out more vapor, and for a longer time period.

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The new design also comes with a more solid packaging that is different from the colored paper wrapping trend that is common with used for most vapor cigarette cartridges. This innovative move by V2 Cigs to introduce batteries that have built-in charge meters and matching cartridge caps has been welcomed by smokers. As well as the fact that in the entire smokeless cigarette industry they have the highest product warranty and quality control rankings.

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