V2 Cigs Reduces Product Prices

Top electronic cigarette manufacturer pays gratitude to customers through permanent price reduction

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Clifton Park, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2012 -- To show gratitude to loyal customers, V2 Cigs, the top electronic cigarette manufacturer in Florida, announced huge price reductions for almost all of its products.

The pioneer brand in the electronic cigarette industry, V2 Cigs has remained number 1 throughout the years. Owing the success to their wide customer base in and around United States, the leading electronic cigarette manufacturer is paying gratitude to their customers by reducing product prices.

Orlando Brown of Winchester, Kentucky, said: “Looking for an electronic cigarette brand was difficult at first, because everybody else says that they are the one to beat. But after a long search for finding the best, I never tried any other brand since I started using V2 Cigs, and it has kept me happy for the last two years.” He added, “Hearing about the price reduction is an added bonus to their already excellent product and it makes me want to always be faithful to V2 Cigs.”

Products like the standard V2 Cigs starter kit now cost $64.95 from its former price of $79.95. That’s an on-the-spot savings of nearly up to 20%. Other products such as e cigarette accessories and flavored cartridges are also at a permanent price reduction.

“We always value our clients and put their satisfaction first from the very start,” shared V2 Cigs co-founder, Dan Recio. “We are excited about this chance to share our savings and profits to thank the customers for their loyalty to the product.”

The changes in pricing for the products of V2 Cigs are expected to affect the whole marketplace of electronic cigarettes. Even if they know that they are the best, they still strive to be better.

“There is nothing quite like V2 Cigs, and other brands may try to manufacture e cigarettes to copy V2 Cigs, but they can never come close to the quality,” says Steve Bush from Indiana.

V2 Cigs has set exemplary standards among other companies in the industry. The brand continues to expand its products to serve its valued customers. V2 cigs gives a risk-free alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes at a good price. For more information on how to save on V2 Cigs,Visit .

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