V2 Cigs Rejoices Columbus Day with Giveaways Says

As per, smokers an now switch to e cigarettes. V2 Cigs introduces Columbus Day sale by giving free e cigarette product.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2012 -- A renowned brand which is known for sheer quality and outstanding product is none other than V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs has been awarded with various titles which prove that the brand is quite popular amongst smokers say experts. On this Columbus Day, V2 Cigs is offering all its customers a chance to purchase batteries and get free flavor sampler. The sale provokes customer to buy batteries from V2 Cigs to get the chance to purchase a free flavor sampler says electronic cigarette review.

The growth of V2 Cigs is in leaps say experts as the brand seems to be growing with the number of products that are at offer for smokers. V2 Cigs offers three kinds of batteries to choose form. The three batteries are Shorty Cig, Standard Cig and Long Cig. All the batteries are available in three different colors that blue, silver and black, so that an electronic cigarette smoker can pick the color of choice as per preferences. The free giveaway that is the flavor sampler which consists of at least 10 different flavored cartridges that a smoker could enjoy, which otherwise costs $16.95. The flavored cartridges can be a good choice with any of the batteries says review.

V2 Cigs offers a huge variety of flavors, so one can revel in the fact that one is sure to get a good package of flavors through which a smoker can have a wonderful e smoking experience says The electronic cigarettes brand is celebrating Columbus Day that marks the stepping stone in the US when Columbus entered in the country say experts. various parades are held and people make merry and smokers get a chance to smoke more, so for that V2 Cigs is giving away free e cig products to attract more and more smokers to e smoking says E

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