V2 Cigs Review Monthly Update at updates the V2 Cigs review for the month of February, 2014

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- The V2 Cigs Review February 2014 has been updated at the popular vapor cigarette review website, with the basic intention of sharing this vital piece of information with all those smoking enthusiasts who aspire to give the vapor cigarettes manufactured by v2 brand of e cigarettes, a trial. The v2cigs brand is well known for manufacturing starter kits as well as accessories of good quality and making them available to consumers at relatively affordable cost. This is why rated this brad as America’s favorite in the year 2011.

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As per spokesperson, “For the month of February, the v2 cigs brand has introduced a new starter kit, which in turn is also known as the V2 Cigs Valentine Day Kit. Apart from this new addition, everything else remains just the same, which in turn implies that the v2 brand has 5 starter kits and a disposable vapor cigarette in its stables. Besides these, they also have several accessories and varying nicotine level cartridges in their arsenal as well. It also needs to be noted that the V2 Cigs has reduced the overall pricing of their products considerable, so as to accommodate budget conscious smokers as well.”

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