V2 Cigs Celebrates Labor Day With a 15% off on All Products

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- With a special event at hand—Labor Day 2012, the best e cigarette brand V2 Cigs provides a 15% discount on all the items on their website. This particular promo is actually legit on only September 3rd, the actual Labor Day itself.

“I'm pumped up to buy packages from theV2 Cigs website. Promos such as this shouldn't be passed up. I've been always on the lookout for discounts and promos, and so far V2 Cigs is the only electronic cigarette brand that has been faithful in looking out for their customers,” states Daniel Murray, an e cigarette user from Oregon.

The discount will be applied at the checkout to allow the customers collect and select all the items they want to buy first. Once the client has everything he or she needs, then the V2 Cigs user can pay for them with a 15% off.

“I first got a V2 Cigs discount from Esmokehub, and I thought that that was the end of it. I never knew that V2 Cigs doesn’t stop at giving away promos and all that. I am so happy that I was able to read that V2 Cigs review at Esmokehub. If it weren’t for that review, I wouldn’t buy V2 Cigs and I know that I will be sorry for not being able to purchase it,” states Ben Kennard, a happy electric cigarette user.

Esmokehub is in partnership with V2 Cigs for offering discount rates at Labor Day. The website offers coupon codes that the client may use to cut down on the regular prices of the V2 Cigs products.

“We all know that Labor Day time isn't every single day, and we would like the clients to acquire discount rates also during non-holidays. We do not just celebrate special events, because to us, every day is a special day to our customers once they choose V2 Cigs,” states a V2 Cigs consultant.

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