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V2 Cigs Standard Plus Kit Offers Generous Savings to Smokers, Reveals V2CigsDeals.com

V2 Cigs standard plus kit has been voted as the best starter kit of electronic cigarettes as it offers an authentic experience in an affordable price. Most people believe that electronic cigarettes will pinch their pocket more than tobacco cigarettes. But V2 cigs standard plus kit offers generous savings to smokers, reveals V2CigsDeals.com.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- A spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “This kit contains additional batteries, battery charger, 10 flavored cartridges and a wall adapter. Plus there are many discount coupons for this starter kit. Altogether V2 Cigs standard plus kit offers generous savings to smokers.”

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Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not use and throw objects. Many components are required for vaping experience like battery, charger, flavored e-liquid etc. But the customers need not to procure all these separately. The starter kit, meant for the first time customers, comes with all these components so that the first time customers do not feel puzzled.

The number of flavored cartridges provided with this kit is also sufficient for an initial experience. V2 has a wide variety of flavors ranging from strong tobacco flavors to light flavors of menthol, mint tea, vanilla and chocolate. As the first time customers do not know which flavour they would love the most the starter kit comes with a sample of all these flavors.

Searching For V2Cigs Starter Kit Click Here

The kit also comes with additional batteries so that when one battery gets exhausted in want of charge, smokers would not have to interrupt their smoking.

As a kit comes with all these necessary components, smokers believe that it will be heavier on their budget than the tobacco cigarettes. But V2 Cigs standard plus kit proves it to be wrong. While a smoker keeps on spending for tobacco cigarettes, this starter kit will sustain for a long time. Only the customers will have to refill the cartridges. And this starter kit comes with 10% to 15% discount. The discount coupons are found in many websites.

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