V2 Cigs Triggers V2 LiquiMax Blanks for Vapor Cig Smoker Discusses shares about the new V2 LiquiMax Blanks by V2 Cigs. The blanks can e used to upgrade the performance of one’s vapor cigarette.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- marks the importance and popularity of V2 Cigs on the website by listing the brand at the first. V2 Cigs has constantly been in demand by numerous smokers who crave for vapor cigarettes. This could be because of the fact that V2 Cigs develops products which are of high quality and also high on performance. To maintain the charm, V2 Cigs has now come up with V2 LiquiMax Blanks which are a great performance booster for one’s V2 electronic cigarettes.

The V2 LiquiMax Blanks are a great example of cartridge evolution say experts. The blanks offer an electronic cigarette user with a great storage device, so that the smoker never runs out of e-liquid to fill up the flavorsome cartridges to enjoy one’s e cig. Secondly, the blanks provide the smoker the advantage of filling them up to 30 times, which is a greater number that would make sure the smoker doesn’t spend much on buying new blanks, cartridges or e-liquid again and again discusses The V2 LiquiMax Blanks are a beta release that means, they can only be shipped on Pre-Order only now. A V2 Cigs source added, “This is a beta release, and we have only a limited supply available for customer pre-orders. Please don’t wait until the last minute. Order yours as soon as possible and have the best electronic cigarette smoking experience”.

The V2 LiquiMax Blanks are priced at $ 12.95 and are designed in a transparent material which gives the full access to the smoker to see how much liquid is still there in the blank. The blanks are built keeping in mind the working and easy to use features that would make sure the smoker doesn’t get exposed to any problems while refilling the electronic cigarette cartridge say experts. For an instance the V2 LiquiMax Blanks features an easy release frictionless cap for easier refill of the cartridges. The electronic cigarette review helps one to choose the best electronic cigarette with the one of the best accessories and flavorful cartridges with high quality. lists V2 Cigs in the top ten list of electronic cigarettes because of the high quality and responsiveness of the brand representatives to its customers.

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