V2 Cigs Will Be Soon Introducing Vapor Couture for Women Reviews informs the smokers about the Vapor Couture powered by V2 Cigs in July 2012. The brand will be introducing fashionable e cigs especially for the women.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2012 -- informs the smokers about the Vapor Couture powered by V2 Cigs. Reports explain that the brand will be launching the Vapor Couture in July of this year. Vapor Couture is a new high end brand powered by V2 Cigs. The Vapor Couture will be featuring slim e cigs in elegant and designable accessories for the women. Also the electronic cigarettes of Vapor Couture can be customized with delicious and mouth watering flavors and jewel accents.

As per the electronic cigarette review, the Vapor Couture is a luxurious e cig for fashionable women. Reviews explain that the slim e cigs of Vapor Couture will be tipped with the sparkling crystal LED. The e cigarettes will be available in a variety of finishes and color straight off the runway. Experts say that the cartridges of Vapor Couture will be color coordinated with the batteries to provide a rich and elegant look to the customers. Also the users will be able to select the cartridges in delicious flavor choices. The Vapor Couture provides the smokers with the flexibility to accessorize the electronic cigarettes of Vapor Couture with sleek leather wallets, charms and jewelries. Experts say that the with the e cigs of Vapor Couture, women can have a better smoking experience in a unique style.

Electronic cigarette reviews explain that a lot of smokers prefer V2 Cigs over other e cigs. One of the smokers said “I tried e cigs from 5 companies. I became so frustrated because the batteries would only work for a couple of days and then become utterly useless. Then I read a couple of reviews on V2. They were consistently rated very highly; I decided to give them a try. They have thousands of flavors, and you can create your own and one V2 cartridges will last for weeks. Their customer service is spot on. Standard shipping takes about 4-5 business days. Quitting used to be hard. Not so anymore! I've had an incredible experience with V2.”

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