Electronic Cigarette Review Website WhereTheresSmoke.net Shares Vital Information on the ‘V2 Cigs Economy Kit’

Electronic Cigarette Review Website WhereTheresSmoke.net has offered to share vital information on the V2 Economy Kit.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2012 -- WhereTheresSmoke.net is a well known electronic cigarette review website, which is managed by an elite staff of expert reviewers. The website reviews all top electronic cigarette brands available in the international market and compiles highly informative, very accurate and unbiased write-ups on the same. The main reason for spending endless man-hours in compiling these reviews is to ensure that readers are able to gather the latest information pertaining to their favorite brand and hence, make a viable choice for themselves.

The V2 Cigs brand has been deemed as the best in the smoking niche by the elite review panel at WhereTheresSmoke.net. In fact, this brand is considered America’s most favorite brand. While there are several starter kits manufactured by this brand, the Economy Kit happens to be the cheapest and the most viable alternative for the budget conscious smoker. Even the expert reviewers at WhereTheresSmoke.net are of the same opinion.

This cheap electronic cigarette kit is ideally suited for those smoking enthusiasts who are trying their hands on electronic cigarettes for the very first time. Hence, such smokers are always seeking a suitable means of saving their hard earned money while managing to get hold of the most suitable starter kit. While this kit has only one battery, for a new smoker who is venturing into smokeless cigarettes, this is an ideal requirement. This is why the elite review panel at WhereTheresSmoke.net has suggested new smoking enthusiasts to try this kit and not the veteran smokers.

The best electronic cigarette has lots of takers, yet V2Cigs manages to hold onto its lead despite facing stiff competition from several quarters. This is simply owing to the very simple reason that the hard working management at V2 has always managed to remain a step ahead of its competitors by meeting customer expectations at all times. The V2Cigs economy kit includes a battery, a USB charger, a pack of 10 cartridges, a wall adaptor as well as a user manual. Priced at $59.95, the V2 Economy Kit seems to be a perfect option for the first time smoker.

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