Medical Journal Reveals Global Smoking Patterns; V2 Cigs Encourages a Switch

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- A medical journal revealed the global smoking patterns which were tagged as alarming by experts all over the world. Inspired to take a move and help smokers, V2 Cigs encourages the smoking population to switch to electronic cigarette and dump the unhealthy and dangerous smoking habits.

A study published in The Lancet medical journal highlighted the increasing population of persons who are smoking all over the world. Smoking has been on the top list of causes that leads to the high ranking killer disease, which is lung cancer, in the world health medical board. So experts believe that the effects of smoking to the global health condition are ‘very alarming.’

“Smoking causes a lot of harsh medical conditions not only to the smoker but to the people around them as well. The high percentage of people who smoke around the globe can threaten the world health condition. So I suggest that a move should be done to at least minimize the number to maintain a good balance. I hope a good number of smokers understand this and begin to quit,” shared a world health professional.

V2 Cigs knows so well that smoking is a hard-to-quit vice. So they develop devices to give people a healthier alternative taking the potentially dangerous chemicals on regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarette uses vapor instead of real smoke. It gives one the power to inhale and puff with the feel like that of real cigarette. It does not cause second hand smoking as well. Now the company encourages smokers to make their stand and embark on the biggest shift of their lives.

Equally alarmed with the results of the study, V2 Cigs takes social responsibility to fight for a smokeless world. It currently offers great deals for the vapor experience starting from starter kits to batteries and other electric cigarette accessories. The leading e cig manufacturer also conceptualizes new flavors for e cigs and innovative products to give customers all the options possible. Making great deals for the e cig experience is V2 Cigs’ way to support the smoking community on their journey to quit smoking.

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