Esmokehub Introduces E-Cigs As Aid for Smoking Moms to Quit Their Habit

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- Esmokehub introduces electronic cigarettes to smoking mothers as a product to help them quit their smoking habit.

People today have open minds when it comes to smoking. Both men and women can now smoke whenever they want to. However, many people still find it alarming that numerous smokers are mothers or pregnant women. With the statistics showing a growing number of smoking mothers, Esmokehub advises smoking mothers to use electronic cigarettes to satisfy their habit without endangering their kids’ health.

Countless studies have been presented today when it comes to the negative effects of smoking to fetuses and newborn infants. Regardless of this fact, a lot of women still continue to smoke during pregnancy or even after giving birth. Sally, a mother of two, has been courageous enough to inform Esmokehub’s correspondent about her smoking habit. She stated, “I have been a smoker since my college years and I find it difficult to quit. I even smoke even while I’m pregnant with my kids but they came out healthy.” While this habit may not have caused health problems to Sally’s children, many health journals and reports indicate that it can affect an infant’s health in different way.

Esmokehub introduces electric cigarettes to be the perfect solution for mothers who find it hard to quit smoking. Just like Sally, a lot of women are having problems quitting because of their cravings. With the help of electronic cigarettes, they can smoke even with their kids are around without endangering their health. Electronic cigarettes don’t have the same harmful components typical cigarettes have so they will not affect kids’ health in any way. It’s safe to vape without passing second hand smoke, especially when they are still infants. Fortunately, a lot of brands today like V2 Cigs offer quality electronic cigarettes to help women find the perfect unit that can help them quit smoking.

Esmokehub experts recommend mothers to visit their website to find check on the list of their recommended e-cig brands today. They can also read reviews coming from experts and current e-cig users to help them decide which brand to choose.

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