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V2 Electronic Cigarette Economy Kit, the Best Buy Revealed by V2CigsDeals.com

Based on various types of customers and their variety of demands, V2 has evolved many e-cig kits. But V2 electronic cigarette economy kit is the most popular one among the customers, especially those who are much conscious about the budget.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- As the name suggests, this kit is pocket saving, costing much lower than the other starter kits. However, the kit does not lag behind in any feature. V2 electronic cigarette economy kit comprises a battery, a smart charger, 10 flavored cartridges, wall adapter and a user manual. The smart charger is equipped with a sophisticated internal chip that prevents the battery from getting overcharged. At the same time, this charges the battery faster than any normal charger. Getting such a charger in an economy kit is almost dream-come-true and that is what has happened with V2 electronic cigarette economy kit.

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Explaining the necessity of this kit, a spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “Tobacco smokers consider electronic cigarettes costlier. This is because they compare the price of an electronic cigarette kit and that of a piece of tobacco cigarette. Such comparison is unjustified as e-cigs are electronic devices and an e-cig kit comes with all the components necessary for vaping. But new smokers do not subscribe to this logic. They simply stay away from e-cigs on the excuse of cost. But the economy kit has actually done away with the reason for this excuse.”

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According to V2CigsDeals.com, customers have been applauding this product since it was launched. Getting a V2 battery, which is in general stronger than any other battery, along with a smart charger in this price is unthinkable to the smokers. As far as the flavored cartridges are concerned, customers can choose the flavors and the strength of nicotine. Customers have liked this freedom of choice as well.

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Researches reveal that many tobacco smokers have actually started off with V2 electronic cigarette economy kit. Though for many, the first trial has been very casual, later it became a permanent habit replacing the harmful smoke.

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