V2 Power Cig 2014 Reviewed by has discussed about the V2 Cigs Power Cig of 2014 in great detail.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- The V2 Cigs Power Cig 2014 has been discussed in great detail by the elite review panelists at The basic aim behind doing this was to ensure that smoking enthusiasts in large numbers are able to gather as much informational as necessary regarding the power cig, which in turn shall allow them to choose the best vapor cigarette for themselves with utmost ease. This particular e cigarette is available in black color and it delivers five different levels of nicotine volume to smokers.

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As per, “The Power Cig from V2Cigs is a cigarette that is ideally used when the need of the hour is to deliver vapor volume of high levels at times when carrying a normal e cigarette is not possible. This V2 Cigs Product is also equipped with a 2.2 meter chord that can be attached to a laptop or any other USA cable. Along with the power cig, smokers also get to avail a 5 pack flavored v2 cartridge. The biggest benefit of this device is that smokers can puff at it without the need for any batteries.”

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