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V2CigsDeals.com Announces the Launch of V2 New Year's Kit - Available for Limited Time Only

The new year resolution of quitting tobacco will not go into vain this year as V2 New Year’s Kit is here, announces V2CigsDeals.com. The new kit designed for New Year purpose is limited in stock. Hence, the customers have to rush to get V2 New Year’s Kit- available for limited time only to stick to their New Year resolution.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- This kit comes with the regular components of any other V2 kits but with a surprise. Apart from the two V2 batteries, 10 flavored cartridges, one wall adapter, battery charger and the user manual, this New Year special kit will have a disposable sampler pack too. And all these will come at $56.92 only. There is another New Year gift from V2—V2 Resolution kit meant for the starters. This is available at only $49.95 making it easy for the starters to keep to their New Year promise of leaving the harmful smoke forever.

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As smokers are growingly becoming aware of the harm of tobacco smoke, the demand of electronic cigarettes is escalating. For its quality and affordability, V2 has been rated as the best electronic cigarette company. Matching with its innovation, this time V2 has come up with this New Year pack as the best surprise. Gifting this pack is also a very good idea.

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It has been found that quitting cigarettes is the most popular New Year Resolution. Most people vouch for this to their near and dear ones to save them from the harm of second hand smoke. But unfortunately, they find it difficult to maintain their vow because nicotine replacement products lack the smoking experience. Chewing a nicotine gum or inhaling nicotine vapor never yields the same pleasure of smoking. Hence, most smokers return to tobacco cigarettes in the midway. But with electronic cigarettes, the situation is just the otherwise. E-cigs offer authentic smoking experience without producing smoke and most of the people who experienced e-cigs have never returned to tobacco again.

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