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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Smokers are aware of the discomfort caused by the smoke given off from their smoking of tobacco cigarettes. They are constantly looking for an alternative that will prevent this problem, and yet, are sceptical about whether or not to switch to the alternative widely available in the market i.e. electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes do not cause smoke that can be harmful or disturbing to the others.

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When the tobacco in traditional cigarettes are burnt, the substance produces smoke by the method of combustion, which converts it into smoke which has a very ugly smell. The smell left by the smoke manages to stick to the hands, the mouth and also the clothes of the smoker, besides an obvious stench in the area where it has been smoked. If the cigarette is smoked in a stuffy area, the smoke makes the place stuffy, and people, especially claustrophobic ones, have a great deal of problem with this. Apart from the fact that most people detest the smoke given off by tobacco cigarettes, it also causes severe discomfort to people who have respiratory problems, heart disease, smoke allergy or are suffering from cough and cold. The sooty smoke containing tobacco cigarettes is a particular cause of discomfort and health problems to children and elderly people, though the health hazard caused by the smoke to the passive smokers of any age is a matter of great concern. In order to curb health problems caused to the passive smokers, by the promulgation of strict laws against the smoking of tobacco cigarettes in public.

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However, the modern technology of electronic cigarettes can help to get rid of all these problems. According to the best smoke free electronic cigarettes reviews 2014, as provided on V2CigsDeals, the electronic cigarettes are indeed the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and there are several reasons for smokers to switch to using the e cigs, since the smoke in them is caused by the vaporization of water base of the e-liquids by atomizer or cartomizer. This vapour easily mixes with the air, thereby preventing the possible causes of discomfort caused by normal smoke. Due to the edible flavours, the smell is a fragrant one instead of the odour of burnt tobacco.

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