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V2CigsDeals.com Presents the Best Smokeless Cigarettes Starter Kits by V2 Cigs

While looking for starter kits of electronic cigarettes, smokers want the best so that the first experience should not resemble a nightmare. In this search, V2CigsDeals.com finds out the best smokeless cigarettes starter kits by V2 Cigs.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Starter kits are designed to meet the desires of the first time e-smokers. Fresh from smoke, they want easy to use, cheaper alternatives to tobacco cigarettes which would not cause any harm to their health. Starter kits by V2 are tailored to match these demands.

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A spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “V2 has a number of starter kits. The variety is aimed at catering to different kind of users. Even if they are new users, they might have different choices when it comes to switch to an altogether new habit.”

Among the smokeless cigarettes starter kits by V2 cigs, there are economy kit, standard kit, beginners’ kit, couples’ kit, standard plus kit, ultimate starter kit and power cig. The content of these kits might vary but all of them contain the basic components of e-cig, flavored cartridges, batteries, charger, wall adapter and user manual. Some kits come with other accessories like car adapter, portable charging case, metal carry case etc. The power cig is different from all as it is a wired cigarette which can be vaped just by plugging into the computer.

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All these cater to different kind of customers. Some may like to smoke while travelling, but the process of charging might upset him. Smokeless cigarettes starter kits by V2 cigs keep every smoker in mind while designing the kits.

Smokers can also choose their flavors of cartridge in these starter kits. For the first timers, it is difficult to specify any flavour as they are not aware of the taste. Hence, the starter kits come with all the sample flavors.

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Despite coming with all these accessories, the starter kits are not pricey at all. These are the cheapest ones and then there are the discount offers.

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