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V2CigsDeals.com Releases the Highest Rated Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits of 2014

Electronic cigarettes have already made a place in the life of the smokers. Many have starter preferring it to tobacco cigarettes and have finally been able to quit the deadly habit of smoke. Hence, now the search is for the best electronic cigarette kits and V2CigsDeals.com releases the highest rated electronic cigarette starter kits of 2014.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Though 2014 has just started, companies are brushing up their collections for the competitive market. Following the market trend of last year, market experts are saying that V2 will remain the highest rated electronic cigarette starter kits of 2014 followed by South Beach Smoke, Ever Smoke, Green Smoke, Blue Cigs, Smoke Tip and others.

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“Companies concentrate on starter kits because new smokers start with these kits. Hence, these kits present the first impression,” said a spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com explaining why is it necessary to embellish the starter kits more than any other kits.

In general, the starter kits contain all the components, necessary for vaping, but at a cheaper rate. However, there is no compromise on the quality. V2’s starter kit contains two batteries, 10 flavored cartridges, one smart charger, one wall adapter and a user manual. This is the very basic composition of a starter kit. There are many other starter kits which come with accessories like portable charging case etc.

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The highest rated electronic cigarette starter kits of 2014 have brought in an element of innovation in their kits. Like, V2 has introduced a couple’s pack keeping in mind the season of love.

But all these innovation packs are priced at a cheaper rate without taxing the first time smokers much. “In general, smokers believe that electronic cigarettes are costlier than tobacco cigarettes. The aim of the starter kits is to uproot this idea and impress the fact that in reality, electronic cigarettes save the pocket from recurring expenditure.”

The best ones of 2014 are also offering huge discounts on the purchase. Want to know more about the highest rated electronic cigarettes starter kits of 2014? Visit http://www.v2cigsdeals.com/

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