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V2CigsDeals.com Unveils the Best E Cigarette Couples Starter Kit

Couples’ starter kits have become the buzzword in the industry as the idea of combining two starter kits into one has clicked with the new smokers. And especially because love is in the air ahead of the Valentine’s Day, this has become the most sought after gift this season. Many companies are coming up with such kits. V2CigsDeals.com unveils the best e-cigarette couples’ starter kit.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- According to the experts, V2’s couples’ starter kit has got the crown as this offers the best vaping accessories at the lowest cost possible. The kit comprises four batteries, two smart chargers, 20 flavored cartridges, two wall adapters and two user manuals. To be put in simply words, it has everything that a standard starter kit consists of, but the kit is meant for two people. However, it is wiser to buy this kit than buying two starter kits as the price of the couples’ starter kit is much lower than that of two starter kits.

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Unveiling the best e-cigarette couples’ starter kit, a spokesperson of V2CigsDeals.com said: “The idea is to encourage tobacco smokers to plunge into electronic smoking along with a friend or family member. Though e-cigs have come a long way, getting acceptance from most of the smokers, people think twice before making the leap. They are either afraid of the cost or are unsure of the authenticity of the experience. But this kit dispels both the dilemmas.”

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As this kit actually combines two kits, one will not feel alone after switching to this new habit. The price is not much taxing. Hence, it is better to buy a couples’ starter kit is there is a like minded friend, partner or relative desperately wanting to escape from the smoke. And what more? There is lucrative discount offer on the purchase of the kit. One just needs to get the appropriate coupon codes.

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