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Vape Nation Publishes Infographic on Vaporizing Marijuana for Medical Users

Vape Nation has created an infographic on the benefits of vaporizing over smoking Marijuana, so medical users can get the all of the benefits with fewer disadvantages.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Medical marijuana has now been legalized in twenty states across America in various forms and has been authorized for use in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions. The traditional means of using marijuana has always been smoking, but smoking has its fair share of social stigma and health risks after public smoking bans on conventional cigarettes followed scientific research showing the direct link to increased risk of cancers. As it is not worth risking one disease to cure another, vaporization now provides a superior alternative to traditional combustible smoking, and this can be used for marijuana too.

Vape Nation has published an infographic guide explaining how to effectively vaporize marijuana, including optimal temperature settings, a step by step guide to loading a vaporizer and using it effectively, and a guide as to how many hits can be taken before the herb has expired its contents.

The infographic includes detailed research on the effects of vaporization on marijuana, and concludes that it enables the cannabinoids to be delivered with a huge reduction in smoke compounds. The guide then explains how to find the right type of vaporizer and a cross comparison guide of major brands.

A spokesperson for Vape Nation explained, “When even Willie Nelson talks openly about how vaporizing marijuana is superior for the lungs and throat and even makes the marijuana stronger because less of it is wasted in flames, it’s clear a consensus has been reached. We want to provide an official and informative resource for those considering this option for their medical marijuana, and take our responsibility seriously as an authority on the subject to convey the advantages and challenges in an impartial manner. Our vaporizer reviews are a great way to understand the range of products available, and we feature the top five rates items on our home page to make purchasing decisions easier.”

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