Lord Vaper

Google Bans Marijuana Vaporizers as Lord Vaper Launches X-PEN Pro


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- The national dialogue regarding the controversial issue of medical marijuana is now hitting the world of Internet marketing with Google banning cannabis vaporizers from their AdSense program. Sometimes referred to as “vape pens”, the company Lord Vaper is emerging as a major player in the manufacturing and selling of both electronic and battery powered vaporizing devices. Anxious to unleash a massive worldwide marketing campaign with the launch of a new product called X-PEN Pro, executives at Lord Vaper Pens were taken by surprise when Google recently refused their product line for inclusion in the AdSense program.

Even though there are currently other competing companies hawking vaporizing products via AdSense, a recent change in Google policy is prohibiting all companies from using their program as a method to drive traffic and increase sales. This is not only bad news for Lord Vaper, but current marketers of marijuana vaporizers using AdSense may also be kicked out of the program in the very near future. Google is not allowing these types of companies to automatically be “grandfathered in”.

Why all the controversy? Well, vape pens are a quick and easy way to smoke medical marijuana which has been a lightning rod for both political and social debate for years. But these devices are not strictly used exclusively for this purpose. Vaporizing devices have long been popular within the holistic community, used for everything from aromatherapy to inhaling chamomile, green tea, and other herbs and natural oils to fight a variety of medical conditions from depression to migraine headaches.

Perhaps Lord Vaper is drawing attention from Google reps due to their intriguing and innovative product line. With colorful products and a reputation for great customer service and consumer education, Lord Vaper is gaining a great deal of attention in the marijuana vaporizer community.

While even the “mom and pop” shops on Main Street, USA, have the right to refuse service to just about anyone without being discriminatory to an entire class of people, the Google ban seems rather alarming. This is the Internet, a public “utility” of sorts. Should state-regulated power companies be allowed to refuse electricity to companies that produce and sell vape pens as well? Is this American consumerism or is it corporate censorship?

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