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Vaping Electronic Cigarette Experience with Green Smoke's Love Bird Kit

Green smoke offers its valuable costumer the “love bird kit”, which gives a vaping experience.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2012 -- Green smoke offers its valuable costumer the “love bird kit”, which gives a vaping experience. Green smoke has introduced various starter kits in the market. One of its most famous kits is the love bird kit. It is specially design for the couples. It helps them to recharge the relationship. The lover kit is very helpful when both the partner are trying to control their smoking habit. It is the best alternative for traditional cigarette. With the electronic cigarettes smokers only inhale vapors, this is why it is called vaping. Love bird kit is one of the highest sold kits of green smoke.

Greensmoke is one of the leading brands of electronic cigarette. It gives the highest vapor volume to its users. It also provides a healthier way to smoke as compared to a traditional cigarette. It provides an incredibly rich flavor to its user. It is simple to use and operate. It comes with triple seal so that its freshness remains intact. A more reliable and long lasting battery is also provided with every green smoke e cig.

Various starter kits are offered by the company. These kits are designed such that it can satisfy the craving of the users. Every kit has something unique. Green smoke offers five different varieties of kits. The kits starts from the basic Pro kit, Express kit, Ultimate kit, Love bird kit and a Disposables kit which is of six packs. Love bird kit is the favorite choice of the couples who are eager to control their smoking habit. It is ideal for these people. It is a twin kit in one pack that is why it is more pocket friendly. It is more sensible to buy a love bird kit rather buying two different e-cig kits.

The love bird kit consists of two long battery and two short batteries which glow red while vaping. There are four packs of flavor max, out of which three variety packs are set according to the users taste and one is red label strong. Along with it two USB e cigarette and two USB charger is also provided. In addition to these, two car charger and two high powered wall adapters are also provided for quick charge. A monthly subscription is also available with love bird kit on which 15 % discount is given. One can also customize its kit according to its taste and flavor. People can choose from different flavor and nicotine strength.

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