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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Vapor4Life is continuously innovating its products in order to meet the demands of the ever changing needs of its clients. Vapor Titan Battery is the company’s newest baby to add on their product line up. Featuring a one-of-kind technology, Vapor Titan Battery is set to revolutionize every consumer’s e-cigarette experience.

Vapor Titan Battery has been geared with several unique features that set it apart from other Vapor4Life e-cig batteries. The latest product creates a personalized experience for each of its users as it caters to the different aspect of a smoking experience. The product’s sleek outer casing is delightful to the sense of touch. The battery gives a generous number of puffs that surpass other vapor cigar performance, and further gives the user an authentic feeling of conventional smoking. The ever transforming Vapor4Life, customized the battery through offering a wide range variation in styles, lengths, designs, as well as its colors. This personalized battery feature is distinctive of the brand’s Vapor Titan Battery.

Consumers have the option of purchasing either the manual or automatic Vapor Titan Batteries. However, automatic batteries seem to gain the favor of more people as it makes their smoking experience easier. There is no need for other mechanical procedure – ‘to press’ that needs to be done with manual batteries that takes every smoker away from the conventional smoking experience provided by the e-cigarette – as the batteries are initiated upon its use. On the other hand, E-cigarette batteries are notoriously known for being susceptible to damage due to overfilling liquid. Vapor Titan Batteries shields itself through the tight seal wrapped around it.

Lauren Holmes, Vapor4Life consumer praised the brand’s Vapor Titan Battery by saying that, “I honestly didn’t think that my e-cigarette experience with the brand can get much better. But with the release of Vapor Titan Battery, it really extended the life of my e-cig. It is also a big thing that the battery produces more puffs. I also liked the fact that product comes in different variations. It makes me feel that my electric cigarette is distinct from other sticks.”

Vapor4Life will continue to provide distinct innovations on its products to lead its entire consumer into their own unique smokeless cigar experience.

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