Vapor Cigarette Get Approval as Leading Experts Consider Best Electronic Cigarette Than Tobacco

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Without doubt the reality is that vapor cigarette do often have nicotine, and this is offered with different levels has what has made them the best electronic cigarette. There have been reports by smoking experts that electric cigarette smoke is without doubt much safer than tobacco smoke. According to Jonathan Foulds, expert in tobacco addiction at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center “electronic cigarettes are at least 90% less harmful, and maybe much less harmful than that.” He believes that in the long run the Best Vapor Cigarette products might end up to being the long-sought public health savior. Many believe that the ability to have a device that can supply nicotine to those unable to overcome their craving, while sparing them from most cancer-causing agents contained in tobacco is in the form of electric cigarettes.

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Whilst tobacco has over 6,000 of chemicals that cause cancer such as carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas and tar, that clogs the lungs whilst vapor cigarette have none. E cigarettes do not have smoke but instead vapor resulting from a heated solution. The Best Electronic Cigarette Available usually contains less than 15 chemical elements that are in cigarette smoke. Also that smokeless cigarettes do not contain carbon monoxide or tar, according to Foulds and other medical experts.

The belief is that for most smokers’ vaping electronic cigarette is probably a step in the right direction for tobacco smokers Also that regarding the second-hand effects of the best electronic cigarette on the market, Foulds believes that E Cigarette Liquid are less severe than regular cigarettes, although science has yet to provide definite answers.

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