Vapor Cigarettes Also Know as Water Vapor Cigarette Continues to Gain Popularity Informed expects water vapor cigarettes to continue to rise in popularity based on how things are going right now.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- presents a blueprint of how things would be in the next couple of years depending on how fast the smoking habits are changing. Water vapor cigarettes have already convinced a bigger section of smoking community.

The site maintains the view that the success of water vapor cigarettes is due to the fact that it has its origin based on tobacco cigarettes. The functioning of vapor cigarettes is no different to tobacco sticks.

Luke Bryan, the official spokesperson, remained positive about the future of e cig industry: Vapor cigarettes have become huge. Smokers have started taking initiative to know how a switch can be made from tobacco cigarettes. A movement is gathering pace against tobacco cigarettes.

“Water vapor cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity. Even the non-smoking community does not find it as harmful as tobacco cigarettes due to the absence of smoke and poisonous chemicals”, said Mr. Bryan.

Please visit the site to read more on vapor cigarettes. reviews the top e cigarette brands 2013. The list is prepared to make it convenient for readers to decide keeping the right expectations. Smokers need to have some time and patience for things to work in favor.

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