Vapor Couture Releases Best-Selling Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for 2014 President's Day

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- The recently released Vapor Couture e cigarette starter kit was designed to be their new product for 2014. This is because the Passeport Kit is supposed to be the finest women biased electronic starter kit that is available for this year. Vapor Couture is by far one of the most prominent e cigarette manufacturing brands that are solely for women and it has been highly rated by female vapers. They have come into prominence due to their Best-Selling Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit that has been greatly praised. Many have said that Vapor Couture has specifically made its products in an effort to make vaping stylish and also compatible for women.

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The latest offering from this brand is the Vapor Couture Passeport Starter Kit. This electronic cigarette starter kit is designed to provide the female vaper with everything that they need to start vaping stylishly. The introduction to vapor cigarettes comes with a collection of accessories that are meant to be perfectly suited for an extended day. And it comes with two Vapor Couture Batteries that are based on the choice of the vaper. It also comes customised with the vapers choice of color design as well as 10 Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges that are based on the user’s flavor and nicotine strength.

The included accessories in this innovative e cigarette starter kit include the Vapor Couture Fluted Charm Necklace that is designed to hold the smokeless cigarette in a safe and secure manner.

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Other elements that are included in this vapor cigarette kit are a portable charging case as well as an Auto Adapter that will ensure that the electronic cigarette is always charged.

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