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Venus Factor Program - Created for Women "the Venus Factor" Has Created Tremendous Hype in the Fitness Field

The Venus Factor System new revolutionary weight loss program designed for women.

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Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Who doesn’t want a perfect body? Who doesn’t like to look handsome or gorgeous? A perfect In-shape, healthy figure not only enhance your outer appearance, but it greatly affects your inner part too. John Barban, a very well known fitness consultant and weight loss specialist does understand the importance of a healthy body that is why after his successful workout program for men to attain a muscular body, he has introduced another expedient and highly effective workout program for women to hit the size zero. THE VENUS FACTOR system has grabbed the attention of all those women who dream to look slim and smart without going through the distressing diet schedule. A miraculously effective weight management program that helps women to achieve the desire results in just twelve weeks. Isn’t it worth a try?

The question arises that why this program is meant for women only, and not men. So here’s the answer, actually the metabolism of woman doesn’t work exactly like the metabolism of man does. It’s is not necessary that a workout program that worked for men quite well, would be equally effective for women too. In order to overcome this problem, The Venus Factor system has hit the market to bring the best and accurate results to women too.

The Venus Factor System is a gradual process that starts by examining in the ballpark of a hormone "leptin" that attempts to control the appetite of our bodies. Typically, Leptin is that major hormone that helps our body to lose weight.

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A lady's physique conveys twice as much leptin than a man's physique and the levels of leptin safety are likewise route higher in ladies. In this way, ladies begin to advance fat in the standard problem portions, for example, hips and stomach. After slimming down through dieting, leptin levels reduces more fastly than it does in men. Low levels of leptin are emulated by diminished metabolic rate. This is the excuse for why ladies experience the ill effects of the yoyo impact rather than men. And it never lets a woman to get into her perfect shape.

The advent of Venus Factor system has given the solution to this problem. This system presents a variety of looms to triumph the metabolic system, so that when women are dieting, they can retain a high metabolic rate, even if their body is dealing with a natural decline in metabolic rate. Thus, this strategy surely helps to attain the weight loss to a major level.

All it needs is a Woman with self-motivated personality and willing to achieve her desire results to get into her perfect shape. She just has to follow the program punctually and honestly. Voila! The Venus factor will make her shine.

And here’s some more satisfaction, The Venus system provides a full money back guarantee if any of the customers are not satisfied with the results of “The Venus Factor”.

Venus Factor, famous women weight-loss program has marked well in the market, gained a lot of attention of women-sufferers of overweight and succeeded to satisfy them. But it doesn’t take total responsibility if one is not appropriate for this program; there could be some flaws for certain people who have a bit different perspectives. In order to overcome this issue, here are some pros and cons of Venus factor mentioned below, for people to look forward to their facility and find if they are capable enough to go for it.

Pros of Venus Factor:

Easy, effective and perfectly balanced workouts. For those people too who are not used to of working out. It becomes easy for them to follow their mentioned schedule. And Pictures and videos are also available for the support and guidance.

This program focuses on exercise but these techniques of exercising are quite easy yet effective, could easily be done at home, no need to hit the gym daily.

Venus factor plus point is that it doesn’t force you to “Diet” in fact it could be considered as immune from dieting, because their menu is quite refreshing.

And it comes with 60 days money back guarantee if one doesn’t find herself satisfied.


Although some people find it difficult to control their meal plan, and become irresponsible towards their activity. Their structured approach could be a challenge for such people to stay disciplined.

The Venus factor in meant for women only, men cannot use it, if they do, they won’t get the expected results and fail.

Venus factor needs time and patience along with your complete attention, honesty and sincerity to achieve your goal to become slim and smart.

Rest assured! It is one of the best programs that have been experienced perfectly well so far. It is certainly worth every penny!

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