Verano Announce Half Price Sale on Their BBQ Non Stick Grill Mat on Amazon

Verano, a leading supplier of quality kitchen products to make cooking an enjoyable experience, have today announced they are offering their BBQ Non-Stick Grill Mat for half price while stocks last (


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- With the summer here, everyone wants to have a BBQ, bringing the family and friends together. However, one of the biggest problems when cooking on the BBQ is the food falling in between the gaps. As well as wasting food, which falls through the gaps, when using a normal cook tray, food gets stuck to the tray, which means friends and family eating food with parts missing. Thanks to the Verano BBQ Non-Stick Grill Mat, cooking on a BBQ has become more enjoyable.

The Verano non-stick BBQ Grill Mat priced at just $19.95 ( ) removes the problems of food becoming stuck during and after cooking. The easy to clean matt, which is reusable for years and comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, has become an important kitchen accessory.

The BBQ Grill Mat, which can be used on the BBQ or in the kitchen in a traditional oven, makes cooking easy and fun. It allows people grilling BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Steak, Burgers, Fish, Vegetables, Shrimps, Seafood, Pizza and other foods to cook with ease.

Verano, one of the biggest names in kitchen products, have today announced they have launched a big sale on their BBQ Non-Stick Grill Mat on Amazon, however, a spokesman for Verano has said the sale which sees the product being sold for just $19.95 instead of $39.90 is only available for a limited time while stocks last.

The Premium BBQ GRILL MAT Bundle, which includes set of 2 heavy duty Verano BBQ Grill Mats, extra thick material and a FREE BBQ Grill Guide as a Bonus, is perfect for outdoor and Indoor cooking.

A spokesman for Verano said: “We heard from a lot of people who were unhappy with the cooking mats they had used. One of the biggest complaints was food becoming stuck when trying to remove it from the mat. We have listened to what consumers have said and have come up with a quality non-stick cooking mat. We are so confident in our product; we are offering a Money Back Guarantee.”

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About Verano non-Stick BBQ Grill Mat
The Verano non-stick BBQ Grill Mat allows cooking to be fun and easy by using the non-stick cook mat that comes with money back guarantee