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Video Answer of Cannabidiol or CBD Unveiled at HelloMD


Ashburn, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2016 -- In a recent release at HelloMD, the website has launched a new video where in the CEO of HelloMD, Perry Solomon explains in brief about CBD oil or cannabidiol. As appeared in the video, Perry is accompanied by Pamela Hadfield, who is the co-founder of HelloMD. The spokesperson of the site while passing comments about the video remarked, "CBD is a fairly new term for many people though it has been around for quite some time now. The video will be significantly useful for people who want to know what CBD is and how it can be used to treat a lot of different illnesses and physical conditions."

He added, "Medical marijuana is here to stay and many patients have grown familiar with their application. Medical cannabis seems to be safe and initial researches have revealed that it is very much effective in a lot of physical and mental problems. Despite this, too much use of CBD can be the reason for causing mental unrest and anxieties. It is hence important for a patient to follow proper consultations before starting any course on CBD."

The spokesperson also revealed that the video which lasts for just a couple of minutes involves Pamela asking Perry some basic questions regarding CBD and how people can use it in order to make their lives better.

Recent studies suggest the fact that the doses and formulations of CBD oils are a diverse as its potential uses. Medical cannabis has also been found to be helpful for seizures, anxiety, inflammation, cancer, pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, and so on. It can even be consumers just for obtaining relaxation.

With not much information available currently for those unfamiliar with CBD oil and the medical cannabis industry in general, sites like HelloMD can play a vital role in educating and refreshing peoples' minds.

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About HelloMD
It is an online digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry. It specializes in connecting the members to the doctors and offers a chance to get a medical cannabis recommendation over live video. Members of the site can also gain access to thousands of cannabis products, news, reviews, dispensaries, advices and medical recommendations.

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