Vigrx Plus - Clinically Studies Male Enhancement Supplement VigRx Now Combined with Bioperine for Best Results

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- The newly formulated VigRx has gained high popularity among male enhancement products in the market. Millions of men across the world have got positive results and significant improvements in their health while using VigRx. The reason behind its success is its clinically approved formula which uses all tried and tested ingredients proven for their efficacy and safety.

Manufacturers have now added a new ingredient Bioperine which has been proven is clinical studies to safely improve the absorption of nutrients that it is combined with by at least 30%. In other words, it improves the product’s efficiency. Studies conducted on Bioperine show that it increases the absorption of coenzymes Q10 by 30% with an increase in bioavailability. Thus, it has been approved as a bioavailability enhancer.

The combination of potent ingredients, VigRx has helped millions of men to improve their sexual health. Most of men have reported that it has positive effects on orgasms, erectile dysfunctions, libido problems and overall sexual drive.

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How does it work?

VigRx Plus is the combination of all natural and clinically approved ingredients that work as erection precursors and libido enhancers. High potency Ingredients work together to boost nitric oxide level, helping to relax the muscle tissues of the corpus cavernosa and help to increase the blood flow to the penis area, resulting in noticeably thicker and fuller erections. Additionally, it also gives a boost to sexual drive along with other significant improvements in men’s health. It contains Damiana to improve sexual interest; Epimedium Leaf Extracts to boost nitric oxide, Gingko Leaf to improve erectile functions, Asian Red Ginseng to treat erectile dysfunctions, Saw Palmetto Berry to strengthen and build body tissues and Catuaba Bark extract works as libido enhancer.

Thousands of customers have shared their success stories and reported following benefits:

- Harder, stronger and longer erections
- Improved stamina and sexual drive
- Improved orgasms and size
- Increased confidence
- Better sexual health and strength

The good thing about VigRx is that unlike other male enhancement products, it has shown outstanding results in every dimension of men’s health. This is why doctors strongly recommend VigRx to any man that is looking to improve his sexual performance. Results shown from a Triple-blind placebo controlled study are quite impressive.

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